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Extinction Rebellion launches major campaign to demand all insurers dump fossil fuel crooks after big Zurich win

Email: press@extinctionrebellion.ukPhone: +44(0)7756136396 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube Extinction Rebellion UK today (Tuesday) vowed to step up direct action pressure on the global insurance industry after Zurich, the sixth biggest insurer of fossil fuels, announced they will stop insuring new oil and gas after a week of protests by thousands of activists. Extinction Rebellion UK…

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Extinction Rebellion blockades offices of fossil fuel hedge fund Marshall Wace and its puppet TV station GB News

Days after the government released a new definition of extremism, XR activists are blockading the offices of GB News and its multi-millionaire owner Paul Marshall branding him and his pet broadcaster as ‘the real extremists’ - and demanding an end to their torrent of climate lies and disinformation. The actions came after XR emailed letters to GB New Metropolitan Police MO6 unit, Secretary of State Michael Gove and Lord Walney. The letters demand an immediate investigation of GB News as an extremist organisation peddling an ideology of violence, hate and intolerance with the intent of undermining our liberal democracy, and for the broadcaster to be added to a new list of extremists. They also demand an inquiry into whether owner Marshall is a fit and proper person to hold a broadcasting licence.

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Activists in six North Sea countries coordinate blockades to fossil fuel infrastructure

++ THE SEA KNOWS NO BORDERS ++ WE ARE COMING TOGETHER FOR CHANGE ++ In an unprecedented act of coordinated international climate protest, activists from the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands are taking action today in solidarity with each other against new North Sea oil and gas extraction. Under the campaign North Sea Fossil Free acts of civil disobedience are happening all around the North Sea. None of the major North Sea fossil fuel-producing countries have plans to curtail drilling in alignment with the 1.5°C target, as shown in a report published this week.

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Probitas pulls out of EACOP and West Cumbria coal mine

Major insurer Probitas1492 have today (Monday) confirmed that they will never insure two major ‘carbon bomb’ projects - the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and the proposed West Cumbria coal mine - after a week of peaceful protest from Extinction Rebellion (XR) and members of the Insure Our Future coalition.

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Women who broke glass ‘In Case of Climate Emergency’ at JPMorgan found guilty – after judge threatens jurors with criminal charges

The five women from Extinction Rebellion who broke glass at the European HQ of the world’s worst climate bank all received guilty verdicts at Inner London Crown Court yesterday. The verdicts came after the judge cast doubt on the existence and severity of the climate crisis and threatened the jurors themselves with criminal charges.

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Don’t greenwash the climate wreckers! Extinction Rebellion occupies top ad agency McCann over their plans to keep working for Saudi Aramco

Pictures: A team of Extinction Rebellion activists today (Thursday) infiltrated the London HQ of global advertising and media agency McCann Worldgroup to protest about the company’s reported bid for another stint as top greenwasher for fossil fuel giants Saudi Aramco. [1] The activists gained access to the lobby of the building where they unfurled…

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Judge trying climate defenders questions existence and severity of climate crisis as UN urges courts “to listen to what environmental defenders have to say”

In his directions to the jury in the JPMorgan window breakers case yesterday, Judge Reid cast doubt on the existence and severity of the climate crisis. Judge Reid expressed his doubts about the reality and severity of the climate and ecological crisis, which is already seeing millions displaced, starving, injured and dead, on the same day as the United Nations Special Rapporteur, Michel Forst, released his latest report, State repression of environmental protest and civil disobedience: a major threat to human rights and democracy.

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Extinction Rebellion blockades Lloyds of London

Dramatic scenes have engulfed the nerve centre of the UK’s insurance industry as hundreds of Extinction Rebellion activists formed a Blockade For Life around the entire Lloyds of London building. XR’s 800-strong Carbon Bomb Defusal Squad are linking hands to form a 300m-long human chain around the iconic building, allowing staff to leave the building in the City of London but refusing to allow anyone to enter or re-enter.

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Extinction Rebellion protesters occupy insurance firms insuring climate chaos

Extinction Rebellion activists today (Tuesday February 27) occupied the offices of five major insurers in the heart of the City of London, including the iconic Walkie Talkie building, as the movement launches its week of action to stop the companies insuring climate chaos. Teams of activists in business attire infiltrated the lobbies of the firms from 8.30am, outsmarting police and security, and staged a lobby occupation calling for company bosses to talk to them about the need to stop insuring new oil, coal and gas.

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