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Climate justice is about social justice

In September millions of people all over the globe marched for Climate Justice. When we chant that we want climate justice and we want it now, when we stand united with people worldwide, we must consider climate justice globally. We often talk about saving our futures and the futures of our children, and it…

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Vested interests have diluted the message of climate scientists for years, a new report has found. This has been revealed at the same time as the release of new data from world-renowned researchers that exposes the fossil fuel companies that have continued to contribute to the climate and ecological crisis, while knowing and ignoring the…

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Why we rise up

We are rising up. We have been for almost a year now. It’s hard to ignore, especially now when we are reaching out on a local scale for new rebels to join us. That was what we hoped to achieve when we took to Blackheath Common in our hundreds and enjoyed the light and hope…

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