People’s Pickets - Extinction Rebellion UK

This event has now expired.

Why People’s Pickets?

Parliament declared a climate emergency four years ago but the Earth keeps getting hotter quicker and the UK government is failing to meet its own targets. They are failing all of us. That’s why at The Big One we are calling for a People’s Picket at every government department in Westminster, led by over 100 supporter organisations, community groups and XR local groups

Pickets won’t block access and exit to the government departments for workers or visitors.


Pickets will be at Government buildings on Friday and Monday. Locations are shown on the map below. Google Maps pins can be found here.

Map of pickets of Government Departments at The Big One

The People’s Pickets

The People’s Pickets run from 7am on Monday 24th. All are welcome to any picket – come as an individual or join one of the many groups listed below.

Get involved

All are welcome to any picket – come as individual or find out more about what community groups are doing at The Big One.

Pickets are active from 7am on Monday 24th.

Join the People’s Picket. Unite to Survive.