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‘Stop insuring new fossil fuels – or face direct action’

The UK’s top insurers were forced to face up to their lethal role in climate breakdown at their annual awards ceremony last night (Wednesday 3 July)) as Extinction Rebellion launched Insure Our Survival, a sustained campaign of nonviolent direct action demanding the insurance industry pull the plug on new oil, gas and coal ventures. 

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Extinction Rebellion launches major campaign to demand all insurers dump fossil fuel crooks after big Zurich win

Email: press@extinctionrebellion.ukPhone: +44(0)7756136396 Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube Extinction Rebellion UK today (Tuesday) vowed to step up direct action pressure on the global insurance industry after Zurich, the sixth biggest insurer of fossil fuels, announced they will stop insuring new oil and gas after a week of protests by thousands of activists. Extinction Rebellion UK…

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Insurance actions around the UK

Round up of actions targeting the insurance companies during XR's Insurance Week of Actions. Reaching out to the insurance industry to stop insuring fossil fuels. From Brighton to Leicester, Bristol to Glasgow, Chipping Norton to Bridgend.

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Probitas pulls out of EACOP and West Cumbria coal mine

Major insurer Probitas1492 have today (Monday) confirmed that they will never insure two major ‘carbon bomb’ projects - the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and the proposed West Cumbria coal mine - after a week of peaceful protest from Extinction Rebellion (XR) and members of the Insure Our Future coalition.

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Extinction Rebellion blockades Lloyds of London

Dramatic scenes have engulfed the nerve centre of the UK’s insurance industry as hundreds of Extinction Rebellion activists formed a Blockade For Life around the entire Lloyds of London building. XR’s 800-strong Carbon Bomb Defusal Squad are linking hands to form a 300m-long human chain around the iconic building, allowing staff to leave the building in the City of London but refusing to allow anyone to enter or re-enter.

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OCCUPIED! Protesters occupy City Of London insurers’ offices demanding they reject climate-wrecking projects in UK and Africa

Hundreds of protesters are occupying the plush City of London offices of ten Lloyd’s of London insurers demanding they rule out insuring the proposed West Cumbria coal mine and the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).. Insurers from Lloyd’s of London have come under increasing pressure to rule out offering insurance to both the West Cumbria coal mine and EACOP, including protests at offices across the UK.

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Rebel Radio: How It Works

The mechanisms by which we fuel the escalating crisis can be complex and opaque. This series investigates how the climate and ecological emergency is changing our world and the ways in which human beings are fuelling it. Flood Resilience – 13/03/2020 Floods in the UK are becoming more frequent and intense. Rain and rivers seep…

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