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UPDATE: Extinction Rebellion activists stop DLR in Canary Wharf – ‘Business as Usual = Death’

Email: Phone: +447305700176, +447804743058, +447802865819; +447944894190; +447561098449; +447549766448; +447904735749; +447986671716; +447918165046; +447479234522 Website: Facebook: Twitter:  #ExtinctionRebellion Instagram: Photos/videos: NEW – What emergency?   At 7.30am today, 5 people climbed on top of a train at Canary Wharf’s DLR station with banners…

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Update #7 – To Parliament, and Beyond

We’ve created wonders. We’ve made history. We’re just getting started. The London Rebellion, after ten unbelievable days, will relinquish its final location on Thursday. We’ll be coming back to a different world. At a monumental people’s assembly on Monday, rebels from across the UK came together to discuss how we’d move forward. Amazing ideas were…

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Update #6 – A New Phase Begins

Days 6 and 7 of International Rebellion (Sat 20 – Sun 21 Apr) As spring now spreads its (record-breaking) warmth across the global north, London’s International Rebellion is entering a new phase of its own. After leaving four of five locations in good order, rebels will meet at Marble Arch on Monday to decide…

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Extinction​ Rebellion: International Action Highlights

France Rebels blockading Flagship H&M store in Paris – tipping tons of discarded H&M clothing outside the entrance. YouTube video: Massive NVDA with multiple groups – blockading multiple sites inc. The Ministry of Agriculture and Ecological Transition at La Defense, as well as Total, EDF and Societe Generale.  Norway APRIL 15 XR-Norway staged a funeral…

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Update #5 – Police turn Pirates: The Pink Boat is Lost!

Photo: Lola Perrin, Oxford Circus Friday 19th Apr – Day 5 of International Rebellion It was a sad day for London’s Rebellion, as the beloved pink boat was lost amid a stormy sea of police- men and women. The neverending party was at last put on hold… for a few hours at least, until we…

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