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What has conflict got to do with the climate and ecological crisis?

Climate change increases the likelihood of violent conflicts, creating a cycle in which conflict impedes countries’ efforts to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to climate change. At the same time, violent conflict directly exacerbates climate change and contributes to ecological degradation.  “Climate change can indirectly increase risks of violent conflicts in the form of civil…

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Judge trying climate defenders questions existence and severity of climate crisis as UN urges courts “to listen to what environmental defenders have to say”

In his directions to the jury in the JPMorgan window breakers case yesterday, Judge Reid cast doubt on the existence and severity of the climate crisis. Judge Reid expressed his doubts about the reality and severity of the climate and ecological crisis, which is already seeing millions displaced, starving, injured and dead, on the same day as the United Nations Special Rapporteur, Michel Forst, released his latest report, State repression of environmental protest and civil disobedience: a major threat to human rights and democracy.

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Ffos-Y-Fran Four charges dropped after ‘illegal coal mine’ fails to cooperate with court

The Crown Prosecution Service has dropped all charges against the four Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists who blockaded the entrance to the UK’s largest open-cast coal mine, last summer with a pink boat. While removing the immediate burden of legal confrontation for the defendants, the decision has left a “crater of unfinished business” in the fight for climate justice and accountability for local residents.

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Love means…stop insuring climate chaos

“Roses are red, violets are blue. Stop insuring fossil fuel crooks or we’ll come after you.” Extinction Rebellion issues a Valentine’s Day warning that insurance industry firms will be targeted by escalating protest and disruption from February 26 unless they stop greenlighting fossil fuel projects setting the planet on fire. XR are staging four days of protests from February 27 as participants in the Insure Our Future Global Week of Action. Chidi Obihara of Extinction Rebellion said: “Just 20 companies insure 70% of fossil fuel projects. Many of these companies are based in the City of London, or in cities and towns across the UK. Thousands of us will pay them a visit during our week of actions to convince them to abandon the oil, gas and coal industry completely."

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Empty shoes for lost lives: Extinction Rebellion’s heartbreak plea for a ceasefire in Gaza

XR parents place hundreds of childrens' shoes in Trafalgar Square and call for immediate ceasefire In a moving ceremony in London’s Trafalgar Square today (Saturday), parents from Extinction Rebellion placed hundreds of empty childrens’ shoes at the world-famous landmark to represent all the young Israeli and Palestinian lives lost in the ongoing fighting.

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Stop the hate action – Home Office, Marsham Street, London12 noon, Saturday 4 November 2023

Suella Braverman’s talk of a ‘hurricane’ of refugees coming into Britain has crossed a line. Through divisive language and actions, Braverman, the Home Secretary and Conservative MP for Fareham, has united communities to take to the streets and demand she steps down immediately #BravermanOut.  A collective of movements and organisations is united in their demands…

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Trial begins of XR co-founder Dr Gail Bradbrook amid threat to trial by jury

On Monday 30 October, 5 years after she stood with Greta Thunberg in Parliament Square to launch the ‘Declaration of Rebellion’, Dr Gail Bradbrook stands trial at Isleworth Crown Court for breaking a window at the Department of Transport in October 2019 - an act of resistance against the Department’s policies (such as support for HS2, Heathrow expansion and road building) in the midst of the climate and nature emergency. Dr Bradbrook, a mother of two, who holds a doctorate in molecular biophysics from the University of Manchester, is at risk of a substantial prison sentence if found guilty. The trial comes amid mounting concerns that, following intense lobbying on behalf of the fossil fuel industry, the right to trial by jury is under threat for those taking direct action to expose Government lies and corporate greed.

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Extinction Rebellion Women vs HSBC: Crown Court trial begins Monday

Nine women of Extinction Rebellion, charged with over half a million pounds of criminal damage at HSBC HQ in Canary Wharf in April 2021, are due to appear at Southwark Crown Court for a jury trial beginning on Monday October 30th. The women are on trial for an action which took place at 7am on April 22nd 2021, during which they cracked the glass in several of the windows of HSBC’s HQ in Canary Wharf, London. The women wore patches reading ‘better broken windows than broken promises’ and placed stickers on the windows of the bank reading ‘£80 billion into fossil fuels in the last 5 years’ before cracking the glass using hammers and chisels. If found guilty the women face potential sentences of up to four years in prison.

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Health professionals occupy road with ‘die-in’ and issue demands to Oil & Money summit delegates

Over 60 health professionals joined hundreds of protesters this morning outside the Energy Intelligence forum risking arrest by holding a ‘die-in’ and ‘climate inquest’ in the middle of the road outside the conference centre. The recently rebranded ‘Oil and Money’ conference is the largest annual gathering of oil companies and their backers. The Health for Extinction Rebellion members also delivered an open letter to the conference organisers and delegates, calling them out for their central role in the climate crisis, and demanding immediate mitigating actions. “We wish to make it clear that we understand and condemn the continuing deliberate complicity of the energy sector in this humanitarian disaster,” they wrote.

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