Jeremy McBurney, 52, organic farmer from Dorking - Extinction Rebellion UK

Jeremy McBurney, 52, organic farmer from Dorking

Jeremy, who is working on his wife’s farm while building a eco-home for his parents, was tried on 12 November at City of London Magistrates’ Court after being arrested on Waterloo Bridge on Saturday 20 April 2019. His case was withdrawn after the judge ruled there was no case to answer as the police had bungled his arrest. He was awarded £40 travel costs. Jeremy was arrested with two other members of his affinity group “Larks Ascending”, named after famous local resident Vaughan Williams; Jakki Phillips and John Blewett also had their cases withdrawn.

Jeremy was arrested again in October 2019 on the second day of the rebellion outside Downing Street and will be tried in June 2021. His DJ name is Elephant in the Room. The paper head was designed by his wife.

Photo credit: Helena Smith

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