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Venice has experienced its second-highest levels of flooding since records began. Two people have died, with an elderly man struck by lightning as he operated an electric water pump.

Bolivia’s new interim president has pledged to hold fresh elections after taking the place of socialist Eco Morales, who resigned his post after 14 years and took refuge in Mexico following protests over alleged election rigging.

Hubert Howard, a Windrush generation immigrant who arrived in the UK 59 years ago, has died only three weeks after finally being granted British citizenship. Hubert, who was three when he left Jamaica, never received compensation or an apology from the British government.

Scientists have detected sugars in Earth-bound meteorites for the first time. Ribose, an essential molecule for genetics, and other sugars, are needed for life to develop. A judicial review found that the arrests of a number of climate activists, whose actions were part of a protest that took over central London in October, were unlawful under Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986.

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