CARE OF THE GUARD - Extinction Rebellion UK



To be a brave strutter through the mind clutter

We divine for the line while we earn our bread and butter
Stuck in the rhythm of inhibition
Just listen to the tales that they spin to distract your intuitions
Challenge the grind, search and you’ll find, morals refined
Souls having touched are forever entwined, visions sublime
We feed the fire with the fuel we find

Precious flames need to breath before the light can shine

Crooked puppets guide our way
Are we just pawns waiting to be played?

Better trust your internal compass when deciphering the stars
‘Cos you know we’re all travelling care of the guard

Who’s the soothsayer, who’s the truth slayer?

Just be sure to go and see the responsible bill payer
We’re all heroes and fools Observing the rules
Electing the tools
Snooze and you lose, they won’t walk in your shoes
Using too many wrongs to take away our rights and justify their crimes
These are things they deny!
The budget’s thinning
The house is always winning while they feast upon the fruit that bears the seeds of new beginnings


We’re born with our senses but rendered defenceless
We build walls and fences and sentence the helpless
Statistics they’re nameless Behaviour that’s shameless
Now we see what we did to deserve this

Talking about a global consciousness observing the press neglect the issues we need to address
We’re making the time to declare our defiance We march now with purpose in defending silence


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