THE CLIMATE IS A-CHANGIN’ - Extinction Rebellion UK


People of Earth cease what you’re doing
And know that the oceans around us are growing
The icecaps are melting, the glaciers are going
Our leaders keep on ignoring
The gravest threat the world’s ever known
For the climate is a-changin’.

Giant corporations that profit from oil
Your fossil fuel boom you continue to sell
It’s the last chance soon to be saved by the bell
Can you not hear, it tolling?
If you don’t stop soon, we’ll all go to hell
For the climate is a-changin’.

Yes Senators, Governments please heed our call
Don’t stand in denial don’t block up the hall
For we’ll all get burned by deniers who’ve stalled
There’s a wildfire outside, and it’s ragin’.
It’ll burn down your houses and blow down your walls
For the climate is a-changin’.

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land
Your sons and your daughters need more than a hand
The future is threatening our families and friends
This greenhouse is rapidly heating, got to change our bad habits
It’s the final demand
For the climate is a-changin’.

While the White House is fiddling
Rome burns to the ground
They’re completely denying this threat most profound
We have to keep fossil fuel buried in the ground
Or our chances are, rapidly fading
World leaders that fail us, will be cursed and forever damned
For the climate is a changin’.

Greta we love you, our girl of the hour
In this leadership vacuum, you speak truth to power
The climate change battle must be fought now
A trillion trees must be planted
To soak up the carbon we’ve all burned ’til now
For the climate is a changin’.

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