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NASA engineer David Burns has proposed a fuel-free engine that could propel spacecraft at “almost the speed of light”. It is said to violate the fundamental laws of physics, but he is confident that it is worth a try.

Archaeologists at a church in Dingwall discovered a 1,200-year- old Pictish standing stone with beastly carvings “unlike anything found before”. Historic Environment Scotland’s John Borland praised the “creativity and individuality” of Pictish sculptors.

Departing chief medical officer for England Sally Davies has called to ban snacking on public transport to tackle child obesity. Her final report supports extra tax on unhealthy foods and tighter rules on advertising in a bid to halve child obesity by 2030.

Questions have been raised over policing in the UK following a month of turmoil in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson broke the law with parliament suspension, and then the Met Police broke the law by banning peaceful protest across London. Meanwhile, record numbers of climate activists were arrested for protesting in London over two weeks of the International Rebellion, including several MPs, MEPs and Mayor of Woodbridge Eamon O’Nolan.


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