Supporter Agreement - Extinction Rebellion UK

This event has now expired.

In this critical moment for humanity, it is vital that we establish truly connected alliances.

The importance of transitioning to re-energising the activism space and developing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships built on trust and dedication to shared goals cannot be overstated. XRUK is dedicated to making this a reality, and this agreement is a crucial step towards this goal.


  1. Well-Organised Action: The Big One will be carefully organised by well-trained activists with considerations toward safety, and risk assessment
  2. Lawful: The Big One seeks to be a lawful, peaceful, non-violent protest. We ask everyone to leave glue, lock-ons and paint at home and not partake in criminal damage or serious disruption. 
  3. Supported: XRUK is seeking support from relevant authorities to make this one-off action peaceful, lawful and inclusive and to receive support from other organisations.
  4. Inclusive: Wherever possible, the most inclusive approaches will be taken.
  5. Delivery of Demand: XRUK will deliver a credible demand to Parliament that places participatory democracy front and centre as a tool to address the multiple crises of our time – in particular CEE, inequality and cost of living. 
  6. Marketing and Promotion: XRUK will provide marketing and promotion of the action to bring a large number of people and grow the supporting organisations’ audiences and work to further their message.

For Supporting Organisations (Multiple Choice Options)

  1. Attendance: Physically participate in The Big One.
  2. Digital Communications: Using email and social media to mobilise their members/followers to participate in the action.
  3. Public Statement: Issue public statements of support for the action.
  4. Public Demand: Publicly support the demand presented by The Big One.
  5. Logistics: Provide logistical support, such as transportation or supplies, to the action.
  6. Financial: Provide financial support to the action.
  7. Other Ideas: Propose additional ways to support the action.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

The parties to this agreement understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and protecting sensitive information shared between them. Both parties agree to take appropriate measures to protect any such information and to not use it for any purpose other than the purpose of fulfilling their obligations under this agreement.


A timeline for the action will be agreed upon and shared between the parties to this agreement.

Expected Outcomes

The main expected outcome of The Big One action is to show significant public support for the demand and to demonstrate the passion for participatory democracy.

The goal is to press the government to take action on the demand through the establishment of citizens’ assemblies.

One of the additional desired outcomes is for XRUK and supporting organisations to continue conversations after The Big One, using the action as a springboard toward discussing how to hold the government accountable to the demand.


In the event that the supporting organisation wishes to terminate their support, this can be done immediately by emailing us. In the event that XRUK needs to terminate the agreement, we will email you.