Support the Big One - Extinction Rebellion UK

This event has now expired.

Over 200 organisations have signed up to support The Big One, which seeks to be a lawful, peaceful, non-violent 4-day protest, encompassing Global Earth Day, which takes place at Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London, UK from April 21st onwards.

The aim is to show a huge scale of public support in a vibrant demonstration of the passion for transformation.

A critical mass of people will unify behind a demand for action that tackles the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) and inequality/cost of living through democratic renewal.

In this critical moment for humanity, it is vital that we establish truly connected alliances.

The importance of transitioning to re-energising the activism space and developing mutually beneficial, long-term supportive relationships built on trust and dedication to shared goals cannot be overstated.

XRUK is dedicated to making this a reality, and this agreement is a crucial step towards this goal.

Supporting The Big One doesn’t mean joining XR – its intention is to be a time and a place for a movement of movements.

Need more information? View the Supporters Slide Deck here.