Pink Boats - Extinction Rebellion UK

This event has now expired.

Pink Boats

During the weekend of The Big One, in April 2023 – thousands of participants joined in with a visually striking and emotionally poignant action using pink paper boats to send messages of opposition to their MPs about the migration bill.

The small pink paper boats represented the migrant boats and the refugees that seek to find safe haven in the UK. Each letter was carefully posted to every MP.

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Dear MP

This is a personal letter. I am writing to you about the Illegal Migration Bill. People don’t leave their homes unless they have to. They are forced to cross borders to survive or escape persecution.

Most people risking their lives to arrive by boat are from countries suffering from war and devastation, often caused of fuelled by western governments like the UK’s. If they are able to make a claim, which is their human rights and not illegal, mosts are officially recognised as refugees.

Climate justice and migrant justice are inextricably connected. Of the 59.1 million people internally displaced in 2021 across the world, most were displaced by climate related disasters. As the climate crisis worsens, as a result of the actions of this government among others, more people will be forced to migrate.

This Bill denies people who are fleeing for their lives a place of safety by increasing detention and arbitrarily denying people the right to apply for asylum. Thousands of people will be detained, possibly for years, in traumatising and harmful conditions. This includes women and children.

The Bill will not protect women from men “jumping the queue” as the Government has claimed. Over 70% of women claiming asylum have fled rape but they will be denied the right to claim asylum too if they arrive by boat.

Additionally I oppose this bill because…

I urge you to please represent my views in parliament and oppose this bill.