What Next? - Extinction Rebellion UK

This event has now expired.

Together, we did something. We got organised. We created an unprecedented coalition working across divides and differences. Tens of thousands of people joined The Big One. And for four days, we picketed and marched and rallied.

We gave the Government until 5pm on the fourth day of The Big One to respond to us. They didn’t.

Tens of thousands of people sharing a single concern, gathering together peacefully, not a single law broken – and they didn’t even acknowledge us.

We can’t wait another 4 years or 4 days. The time is now. Choose your future:

1. Picket | 2. Organise Locally | 3. Disobey


The battle for how the fossil fuel era ends is already being fought on picket lines by workers up and down the country. Solidarity means showing up for each other because it’s the same fight. This is the People’s Picket.

Join Civil Servants on strike at Government departments this Friday the 28th April. Join Nurses at local hospitals on the 30th April. Sign up to help organise People’s Pickets and join the long term campaign. This is a global struggle.


Clearly we can’t trust this government to solve the most pressing problems facing people and nature in this country and globally. It’s a political scandal.

It’s time to keep growing our movements and invite our communities, local allies, and local politicians to People’s Assemblies up and down the country.


Nonviolent direct action has furthered the fight for justice and equal rights all around the world. Civil disobedience works.

The Big One has shown that there are hundreds of organisations committed to taking nonviolent direct action together. The diversity of our movements and campaigns makes them all stronger. They are all needed.

The risks and consequences of taking frontline action are not equal for everyone but there are still many vital roles to play within direct action campaigns. Together, we are stronger. Only together, can we win.

We have waited years. We can’t wait anymore. Make a commitment. Unite to Survive.