What do you want from the Government?

The purpose of this rebellion is to use nonviolent civil disobedience on the streets of London until our new, Immediate demand; “Stop all new fossil fuel investment immediately” is met by the government, because we are out of time and it’s the most obvious and necessary action they can take right now. We must disrupt the political economy to start a ripple effect for other institutions to pressure the Government, using the new Immediate Demand as leverage before the close of the Rebellion.

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Why now?

Because the crisis is HAPPENING NOW. Broken weather. Broken politics. The emergency is unfolding all around us. Change is the only thing that is certain.

We can’t wait for the COP summit in Glasgow to fail. Because change isn’t going to come from world leaders, or industry, or Bill Gates. It’s going to come from ordinary people – lots of us – taking action, creating change.

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What’s the plan? – London, City of London

CRISIS TALKS: Everyone will be invited to the table for our very own Crisis Talks. If our leaders consider holding emergency talks so impossible, we will bring people together and do it ourselves. We will occupy spaces to listen and discuss the hard truths: what does crisis mean to you? How is it affecting your community? What can we do about it?

This Rebellion will be about creating irresistible forces which change the social reality summits like COP takes place in. We will occupy spaces in London, whether it be buildings or roads. And yes, when we say ‘everyone’s invited to the table’, that means literally! To embody the power of Citizens’ Assemblies, tables will become a creative symbol of the rebellion; to build things, to invite people to come together to talk, to block roads, to paint, to share food, to talk to each other.

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DISRUPT THE CITY OF LONDON: By focusing on the City, the Rebellion will target the root cause of the crisis, the political economy. We need to build pressure on the biggest financial institutions that are fuelling this emergency, targeting those who have a legacy of funding the toxic system that oppresses marginalised communities at home and around the world. This crisis involves everyone. We must disrupt this pillar of power to start a ripple effect for other institutions to pressure the Government, using the new Immediate Demand as leverage before the close of the Rebellion.

The richest countries have spent $40BILLION more on fossil fuels than clean energy since the pandemic. The opposite of ‘building back better’. As global summits on Climate (COP26) and Ecology (COP15) are coming this Autumn, we have a window of opportunity to influence the agendas and demand our political leaders act like we’re in an emergency. That’s why we will rebel in August until our new Immediate demand; “Stop all new fossil fuel investment immediately” is met, because we are out of time and it’s the most obvious and necessary they can do right now.

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I’ve heard there will be “hubs” this Rebellion. What does that mean?

A Hub is a place that could be inside or outside where we have gained permission to be there and is therefore considered low risk in relation to arrest. However, no space can ever be 100% safe from arrest. This is a rebellion after all! We will use rebel hubs to meet up, eat, rest, host talks, trainings, and workshops. They are not currently intended as accommodation but more info coming about what and where these hubs will be!

Find the hubs!

What is a Crisis Talk?

A Crisis Talk is a concept. It can be whatever you want it to be. It is a mobilisation action designed to invite new people into our movement. Imagine a pop-up table in the street or on the road. Anyone can join and share their thoughts and feelings on crisis. It’s time to come together. For further details join the CT telegram channel.

What is an occupation?

An occupation is a disruptive protest that continues around the clock continually in a public space. Note, this will not necessarily mean setting up lots of infrastructure such as gazebos and tents.

How can I find out more about the plan?

Sign up for a Welcome to Rebellion session and hear all about plans as they develop! 
Sat 21st @ 7pm // Weds 25th @ 7pm // Sun 29th @ 7pm // Weds 1st @ 7pm

Why nonviolent civil disobedience?

You can find out more about our tactics in About Us and the main FAQs (see 2. Disruption and 3. Strategy) on this website.


Where can I stay in London?

The Rebel Homestay Network (Human Hotel!) has launched! We are looking for big-hearted London Hosts to sign up and then rebels looking for accommodation will be able to book to stay with other friendly rebels from 2nd August. 

Are you in London or the South East and could you put a rebel up in your home or garden in London? It’s a great way to meet other rebels from across the UK! Please Sign Up to Host.

The Rebel Homestay Network Comms Pack has all you need to share this in your networks.

Camping: The Accomodation team will announce a campsite in a central London location at least 1 week before rebellion that will have access to toilets and water. 

Occupations: Rebels intend to hold occupations at the action sites during the rebellion so if you want to be in the thick of it this is an overnight option too! 

Sanctuary Spaces: The Accomodation team are working hard to secure some sanctuary spaces such as church halls, community centres, warehouses, if you know of any large spaces in London we could use or hire, please contact the team:

Check back here or on the Rebellion Broadcast for latest info!

How can I get to London?

Book your coach to the rebellion! 
It’s great fun to arrive with other rebels, there are journeys on Eventbrite for all of the planned routes. Coaches are subsidised by XR and tickets are in 4 tiers to acknowledge varying budgets – Free, Low-Income, Waged & Solidarity, please book ASAP to secure your seat!

Arriving for Kill for Bill: Sat 21st Aug: Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Bristol
Arriving for Kill for Bill: Sat 21st Aug: York, Leeds, Sheffield
Arriving for Opening Ceremony: Sun 22nd Aug: Edinburgh, Newcastle, Middlesbrough
Arriving for Opening Ceremony: Sun 22nd Aug: Glasgow- Manchester

We know it can be expensive to travel to London, so XR can offer a limited amount of subsidies up to £35 per rebel. If helping with transport costs can enable you to attend, please fill in our Transport Subsidy Form.

If you’re up for helping with transport, especially if you can drive stuff around London, join the crew here!

Can I get involved online or locally?

The answer is yes! Of course, the more people in London the better, but if you can’t make it to London, you can still take part in this rebellion. Watch and share this video! More information will follow about local and digital actions, we will be using the Digital Rebellion platform again to direct calls and emails to key institutions with our immediate demand, look out for new campaigns being updated there! For more info join the Digital Rebellion Telegram chat

Find your local/regional or community group.


I’d like to come with others, how can I get in touch with my local group?

You can find your local group to connect with members of Extinction Rebellion who live near you.

What’s the best way to tell people about the rebellion in my area?

Can you be an outreach superstar and help us get more people to this rebellion? Sign up here! We need everyone! Before and during the Rebellion we need to be talking to non-rebels & inactive rebels in London, online and where you live to help them understand what we are doing, why, how the climate crisis will affect them and how they can sign up!

Join an outreach skills workshop to develop confidence in using a range of methods to swell numbers and energise your local groups before and during rebellion: Thursday 5th August // Tuesday 10th August

There are lots of things you can do that only take a few mins:

Put a poster in your window, share posts on social media, call up some rebel friends you haven’t seen in a while!

Got a few more mins? Go out flyering, Paint the Streets! Train to deliver the Heading For Extinction Talk and deliver one locally! Sign up for a training session:📅 Sat 31 July 4pm //📅 Tues 3 Aug 7pm //📅 Wed 11 Aug 8pm

How can I sign up for a support role?

Join The Rebellion.

Action Support:
For every rebel that gets arrested in loving rebellion, there are at least ten rebels behind the scenes in support. We need stewards, de-escalators, wellbeing crew, and lots more! If one of these roles could be for you sign up here.

Production & Creative:
Could you put your sound tech, build or artistic skills to good use? Sound & Power, Logistics, and Sustenance are big parts of a Rebellion. We always need more trusted, practical minded rebels to help ensure rebels have what they need, where they need it.

Get in touch with the production team via the XRUK Volunteers site OR join the sound/ electrical chat 

Our amazing Creative Team design and deliver all creative elements of rebellion including performances, banners, flags, 3D artworks and visual design of actions & outreach. Find your Creative Crew.

Food! Making history is hungry work, Could you be a sustenance volunteer? Help feed the Rebellion.

Are you a special kind of hero that can deal with poo? We need a sanitation team! Sign up here, we will love you forever.
Samba! Urging to get your groove on in rebellion? Got rhythm and energy? Join the samba crew!


Is there legal and arrest support?

It is so important that we all get clued up before heading out to rebel. We are in open rebellion against the UK Government. As the police tactics harden and our Government is trying to bring in a bill to increase police powers against peaceful protesters (this shows they see us as powerful!) no one is 100% safe from arrest. Although there are plenty of low risk roles to fill that support those naughty rebels! 

Sign Up for a ‘Know Your Rights’ Training! 

Consider the consequences of your actions

Bust cards will be linked here to print out and you can pick one up at our Hubs. Digital security resources: Check out this new netpol guide // Set of graphics made by GBC // Guidance on the police unlocking phones and devices

We also have a 24/7 backoffice, although advance notice of actions is always appreciated we understand the police are unpredictable. 

BACK OFFICE: 07749 335574

To volunteer for Back office get in touch here: 

Could you be a hero and do some Police Station Support? Caring for fellow rebels arrested in the course of raising the alarm on the CEE is an amazing and rewarding part of Rebellion. All rebels can get trained to help with this huge operation of care & love for our risk-takers so join via their excellent training events – see the calendar for dates & timesEmail for all things Arrestee & Legal Support:

You’ve been criticised in the past for your relationship with the police. What are you doing about that?

Please see our recent statement on our police strategy here.


Will the Rebellion be accessible?

More info coming on this soon! An accessibility and inclusion document will be posted before the Rebellion here and via the Rebellion Broadcast.

How can I take part from home?

Take action from home! If you can’t make it to London, you can still take part in this rebellion. Watch and share this video! More information will follow about local and digital actions, we will be using theDigital Rebellion platform again to direct calls and emails to key institutions with our immediate demand, look out for new campaigns being updated there! For more info join the Digital Rebellion Telegram chat

Find your local/regional or community group.


Will you be disrupting people trying to get to work?

Our actions have a key element of disruption which means there is always the possibility of disrupting the public.

We’re in the worst recession for decades, surely the Government has to prioritise the economy above all else?

Prioritisation of profit and perpetual growth is what has got us into this mess. The climate crisis, like covid, is taking people’s lives. What can be more important than the health of our fellow human beings, other species, and the health of our planet? If the recovery of the economy does not put the protection of people and the environment as its Number One priority now, then we’re giving up the best chance we have to change.


What about Covid?

Read the Covid-19 Strategy and Guidance doc to be clued up on the latest info affecting our rebellion.  Here is a Template Risk Assessment you can use for planning actions.

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