Next UK Rebellion - Extinction Rebellion UK

Next UK Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion is mobilising and growing across the country, creating alliances and bringing more people into active resistance ready to come back to the streets in numbers that cannot be ignored. The Public Order Act has changed the landscape in which we are taking action. It is intended to make people feel powerless – but we aren’t. They want people to forget the change they can create when they come together. We are inviting them to remember.

Right now communities of resistance are growing. Rebels in local groups are building alliances, and taking actions around local issues that matter to them, culminating in coordinated action on the last day of the month – every month. We have always sounded the alarm, and now we sound the alarm for truth. 

Our system is broken, and all those in power are complicit. With truth we will make a stand, a bold and rebellious stand, for all life on Earth. The lies about the climate and ecological crisis, what’s causing it and what’s being done about it. The lies that justify inequality, racism, injustice, colonialism, speciesism and ecocide. The lies that vilify action and perpetuate apathy.

There is one answer to the situation we are in, an antidote to the lies and misinformation. It is the answer because we believe in the power of people – we demand a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice.

Here comes everyone.