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XR’s 2022 Strategy Tour: Manchester Join us in the Friends’ Meeting House from 6pm to 9pm for the XR 2022 Strategy Tour. Three and a half years ago we started the biggest Civil Resistance movement in Britain since the Suffragettes. Some say it’s the most successful start-up in history,… Read More

Free the Truth

The mainstream media is failing in its most fundamental duty: to reliably inform the public on the greatest issues of our time. The news is the lens through which we understand the world around us. This lens has become dirty – corrupted by greed, political bias and corporate advertising –… Read More

Northern Rebellion – We Want To Live

Get all the latest updates about the rebellion… UK-wide: Northern rebellion: —————————————————————— Last year XR put the climate crisis in the headlines and brought thousands of ordinary people onto the streets in acts of civil disobedience and direct action – grandparents, doctors, scientists,… Read More

HI BBC – XRNorth MASS Action

THERE’S NO MORE TIME TO WASTE Nine climate tipping points are now active. This is a mass extinction event. Time is up – it is now or never. Rebel for life. RISE UP We demand that the climate and ecological emergency is taken seriously. Read More

Science not Silence – One Hour Silence

On Thursday 10th October, to mark the three month anniversary of the City Council’s declaration of a climate emergency, our friends at Climate Emergency Manchester released a report about what action the council had taken. The report was based on Freedom of Information Act requests and was titled ‘Dead Tortoise… Read More

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