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XR’s 2022 Strategy Tour: Bristol Join us at Lost Horizon from 6pm to 8pm for the XR 2022 Strategy Tour. Three and a half years ago we started the biggest Civil Resistance movement in Britain since the Suffragettes. Some say it’s the most successful start-up in history, with groups in… Read More

Youth Rebellion

YOUTH REBELLION CANCELLED Unfortunately, we had to cancel the youth rebellion due to covid-19. Due to the health risk of asking people to travel from across the country to Bristol and then assembling, we believe it would be irresponsible and immoral to continue with our plans. Love, rage,… Read More

Workshop: Non-violent Action Training Against Climate Change

How to block a road; how to build a mass movement; how to act fast. Delivered by Extinction Rebellion this workshop deals with the task facing us all. Once we tell ourselves the truth, how do we work together to create the political action we need? A 2-hour training on… Read More

Legal Observer Training

MEET OUTSIDE LA GYM AT 11.30am For those interested in training to be a Legal Observer to support non-violent direct action with Extinction Rebellion. Legal Observers are a vital part of any action, an unofficial observation role helping to ensure lawful police behaviour. The training will cover the essence… Read More

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