[video] XR UK Actions 2019


Severe Weather Warning | Emma Thompson

Filmed at the BBC HQ, London (5 December 2019) ‘Although flooding and coastal erosion means different things to different communities, this is an issue that we are all vulnerable to. The sea is rising, and so are we.’…

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George Monbiot visits Hunger Strikers | Day 11

“I know that the strikers here are striking in support of a climate and ecological emergency act, which actually makes good the promises that Governments have now made declaring ecological emergencies, declaring climate emergencies but they haven’t yet acted on them”, George Monbiot…

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XR Global Hunger Strike Starts

14 November, 2019 – Extinction Rebellion UK hand delivered letters to each political party, requesting a filmed meeting with party leaders to ask for their support for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, the #ThreeDemandsBill…

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Act Now: Our House is Flooding

Extinction Rebellion activists staged an action on the river Thames in London. A classic suburban house was seen floating down the river sinking into the water in yet another attempt to send an SOS to the government on climate inaction and draw attention to the threat humans face from climate change and rising sea levels.

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Extinction Rebellion meet with the BBC

Good news! Begun in December 2018 XR’s actions calling on the BBC to “Tell the Truth” about the climate crisis have achieved an initial positive outcome. In July 2019 Sir Tony Hall (Director General of the BBC) met with XR’s Jon, Gail, Donnachadh, Daze and Ronan. Jon remarked, “… I feel very encouraged by this…

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