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COP25 starts Madrid 2019

“We’re here outside COP25 in Madrid because we’re in a climate emergency, leaders of our world have had 25 years of working on this issue, and we’re still nowhere near where we need to be”…

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Our Body will be Your Watch – What drives us to do it?

[Italian] “Our body will be your watch” ⏳ Rome, Italy, October 2019 Today, October 13, is the sixth day of hunger strike for some activists and activists. In this video a close-up on them: who they are, what are the motivations that drive them to expose themselves and what we ask for.

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XR Prague flashmob

7 October, 2019 Extinction Rebellion ČR thanks all rebel dancers, dancers from Freedom in Movement lessons, Impuls dance studio, Adolf Voborský Art School and all other corners of the dance world. Thanks, Auroro, for raising your awareness of the climate crisis with your art. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for this song. Video: Eduard…

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