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WE WANT TO LIVE | UK REBELLION | 1st September 2020

We face an intersection of global crises. Climate breakdown, COVID-19, racial injustice, economic inequality – all are symptoms of a toxic system propped up by corrupt politicians, that is driving us to extinction – a system built on inequality, the destruction of nature, and the exploitation of Black, brown and Indigenous people.

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The Language of Protest | Open University

A film made by The Open University (Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies) June 2020 ‘We’re living through an era of increased political protests. This film examines how protest movements go about communicating their message. Made by Hamlett Films.

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Thomas vs ČEZ

This is the story of Thomas, from the Czech Republic, who decided he will not stand by anymore against the criminal inaction of the government and more specifically the mostly state-owned energy provider ČEZ, who is preventing a fast transition to a decentralised and green power infrastructure in the Czech Republic and who’s pollution is causing two premature deaths per day…

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Whoopi Goldberg’s Dramatic Call for Climate Action

Whoopi Goldberg has teamed up with Extinction Rebellion in a beautiful new animation set in the future, entitled ‘The Gigantic Change’. The film, released as part of World Environment Day, looks back from 2050 to show how people came together to save the world from the climate and ecological crisis.

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