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Singing With XR

Song has always had a central role in the history of protest. Songs bring people together and let our message ring out. Music inspires and unites us, lifts us up and keeps us peaceful and motivated. A song cannot be arrested or confiscated by the police – it belongs to whoever sings it. We sing together in love for the planet and our duty to protect all living things.

Check out our songbook on the XR Songs Website

Extinction Rebellion Choirs

A well rehearsed Choir can rise up out of nowhere and song-bomb an action with uplifting harmonies and glorious melodies. XR Choirs are a decentralised network of choirs and choir leaders, creating and sharing songs for rebellion. Start a choir or join an existing one by joining the Facebook page. Or sign up to online song workshops.

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If you love leading song and getting people singing from scratch, why not become a Song Carrier? Song Carriers learn XR songs, often in multiple harmony parts, in order to go along to Actions and marches and lead unrehearsed singing. You’ll need a strong voice and/or perhaps a megaphone and perhaps a partner to work with so you both can lead different harmonies.

Go to Song Carriers Facebook page See Core Songs list on dropbox

XR Samba (Drums/Percussion)

Inspired by Brazilian Carnival music, our Samba bands bring rousing rhythms and an atmosphere of celebration to Extinction Rebellion. Creating a vast wall of sound that has to be experienced to be believed, the power of drumming can draw a crowd, get everyone dancing and even fend off the police. 

Don’t be afraid to join up even if you have never drummed before – most of our members haven’t, but have heard the sound and are eager to join in. Then they never look back. Although our rhythms are Samba influenced, they are also heavily simplified so anyone can pick them up. If you’re apprehensive about carrying a drum, consider a cowbell or shaker, as these are much lighter. And if you are a seasoned drummer or percussionist, there’s plenty for you to do to add layering or even to train to blow the whistle and direct a band. XR Samba is part of an international family of activist bands started by the Rhythms of Resistance movement over twenty years ago.

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Or search Facebook for “your city” and “XR Samba / Extinction Rebellion Samba” to find a band in your area.

Marching bands, animal music, and more…

We have an XR London marching band, and are hoping to facilitate more around the country post-lockdown. We’ve made electronic music for actions based on recordings of whale song or of buzzing bees. We’re even setting up a ukulele army.

We welcome all creative ideas – do come to our weekly meetings: email to find out more!

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