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There are many wonderful ways to make a difference to a protest by bringing music: make magic, hold space, add a celebration vibe, open hearts, be the soundtrack for change!

Now (2023), Extinction Rebellion has made a commitment to take a break from disrupting the general public as a primary tactic. This makes our protests now a more favourable space for musicians who want to avoid arrest.

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Join one of the groups below. Links will take you to their relevant websites.


Check out the XR Songbook and climate related singers group (not an XR group but often sing at XR Rebellions). You can learn the songs online, join a singing group local to you if there is one, start one if there isn’t, or learn songs from the archive and come along to a protest and join in.


Join XR Drums: Website: / Telegram

You can join a drumming group local to you if there is one, start one if there isn’t, or come along to a protest with your instrument and join in.


Confident in improvising jazzy songs on the streets? Join Orchestrated Discontent (not an XR band but open to XR members). Find them at a protest on the streets and join in.


Confident in playing session tunes on the streets? Join the Climate Ceilidh Collective . There are no rehearsals, just brush up on the popular tunes, bring an instrument to a protest on the streets and join in. Get in touch to register your interest.


Join XR Baroque


Want to perform on stage/soapbox at Extinction Rebellion’s Protests? Get in touch with XR Programming with the name of the artist/band, links to appropriate live video footage, tech spec, location, and general availability.

Writer or poet?


Do you personally know a great musician/singer/artist/band? 

Pass this website on to them!

Is music in climate protest your life’s calling? 

Then why not apply to be part of our core volunteer team and help grow the UK community of musicians in climate protest. Email XR Music & Sounds with your name, relevant experience (max 200 words), number of hours per week you can offer.

None of the above? 

XR Music and Sounds is always looking to expand. If you have something to contribute that doesn’t fit in with anything listed above (e.g. Songwriters? Sound engineers? Steel pans? Symphony Orchestras?) Email XR Music & Sounds to start a new area.

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