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Rebel Ringers

What is Rebel Ringing?

Rebel Ringing is when you connect with other Rebels using our online tool and your own phone to help grow and strengthen the movement.  The beauty of this method of outreach is that it’s flexible, effective and regenerative and a lot of fun!… Rebel Ringing allows you to contribute while at home, at any reasonable hour of the day, for as long as you want OR you can go to or organise a Rebel Ringer Party where Rebels come together to make calls (great for affinity groups).

We’re here to help and support each other all the way

There is a whole range of support for Rebel Ringers. Begin with the Rebel Ringer Starter Pack, which is the all you need to get going guide – and the Rebel Ringers community will be on hand to help!

Rebel ringer starter pack Rebel Ringer Telegram Support Chat Rebel Ringer Regen Guide Rebel Ringer YouTube Tutorial Playlist Rebel ringer party hosting guide Rebel Ringer Training Events Rebel Ringer Webinar Slides

Strengthen your Local Group and start a campaign

Our aim is for each Local Group to have a Rebel Ringer team to help keep the group connected, informed, listened to and engaged… Rebel Ringing is a superb way for a Local Group to find out how their Rebels are feeling and see what support they might need.

We advise Rebels do some Rebel Ringing on existing campaigns, before they request their own campaign – see the “Start a Campaign” section of the Rebel Ringer Starter Pack for the full details on how to get your own Rebel Ringer campaign started.

Throw a Rebel Ringer Party

Rebel Ringing does not need to be a solitary exercise – Rebel Ringer Parties (Phone Banks) are organised events focused on Rebel Ringing and have proven highly effective and really fun!

A host provides a friendly space for a few rebels to come together, fuel up on food and then spend a couple of hours calling. With positive connections almost guaranteed, Rebel Ringer Parties are regenerative and restorative for the Rebel caller and also leaves those called Rebels uplifted and engaged. #winwin!

There are Rebel Ringer parties happening every week around the country. Find nearby upcoming Rebel Ringer events on the Rebel Ringers Facebook page. If you are hosting a Rebel Ringer Party and you invite the Rebel Ringers to co-host, then your event will be listed on the Events section of this website.

Affinity groups can hold private Rebel Ringer Parties. These are a great way to strengthen bonds between your group whilst helping the people you call get more involved with XR.

How to become a Rebel Ringer

You need to agree to the XR Data Agreement and then get a vouch from your Local Group that you are indeed a lovely Rebel… please see the “Rebel Ringer Sign Up” section of the Rebel Ringer Starter Pack for all the details on how to become a Rebel Ringer.


What do I need to be a Rebel Ringer?

You will need a mobile phone with free minutes, a laptop or tablet with wifi connection to login to our online system CallHub and a smile.

Am I making calls from my own mobile?

Yes, at the moment Rebels make calls from their own mobiles if you have free calling minutes. You can hide your number if you prefer – doing so does not seem to hugely affect the answer ratio.

How often should I expect someone to pick up?

On average about 1 in 4 calls are answered. Here is a graph so we can visualise the breakdown:

How many people can a Rebel Ringer reach?

On average about 1 out of 4 calls pick up. A missed/not picked up call will take about a minute. A meaningful call with a Rebel usually last 5-10 minutes. So a happy Rebel Ringer will connect to 4-5 people an hour. Rebel Ringing is not a numbers game, it is about nobly reaching out to other sacred beings who are worried about the future of the planet… to listen, connect and if possible help them Rebel for Life.

When is a good time to call?

Actually, the answering ratio is pretty consistent throughout the day and on each weekday! Below there are two graphs to illustrate this:

What if someone calls me back?

This can happen often enough… the best thing to do is to let them know the “headline” of the script and that they are back in the “calling pile” now and another Rebel Ringer will contact them later in the week (assuming we’ve enough Ringers to finish the campaign!).

Do people like to receive a Rebel Ringer call?

After each call, an automated email is sent to the person who received the call giving them the option to leave some feedback. From this feedback, we know that Rebels love getting a call from a Rebel Ringer.

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