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Mass Mobilisation

As part of our 2022 strategy we are now working with a new mobilisation plan. This is called Project 3.5 and there will be more information coming about this very soon.

Below are 7 key mobilisation methods to help bring people into the movement. A How-To and a video for each method outline the ways rebels can use them. We also offer discussion groups for Rebels to discuss how these methods have worked for them and share any hints and tips they have.

The Methods

1. Rebel Ringing

The Extinction Rebellion Rebel Ringers are the Phone Bank wing of XR. They contact, inform and engage as many people about XR as they can over the phone. Rebel Ringing is a regenerative, grassroots, inclusive and effective way to grow the Movement.

Find out more about Rebel Ringers

2. Door Knocking

Door knocking is a great way of reaching out to non-rebels – people who may never have heard of XR before or who know very little about it. It essentially involves you knocking on people’s doors (surprise) and presenting an “ask” to them (e.g. sign up to our database, donate), inviting them to something (e.g. next local event) or gathering more information about local opinions and concerns.

Door Knocking Video (4 mins) Door Knocking How-To Join our Door Knocking Discussion Group on Telegram

3. Social Media Outreach

Using Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to individually message as many people as possible and asking them to take action. For example, by clicking ‘going’ on the Facebook event, inviting other friends to ‘like’ the XR Facebook page, using the XR profile picture icon, and pledging to attend the rebellion. Someone is far more likely to attend an event if they’ve had a personal conversation with a friend who is also planning to attend.

Social Media Outreach Video (3 mins) How to do Online Outreach Join our Social Media Outreach Discussion Group on Telegram

4. House Meetings

A House Meeting can take place at any time; a shared breakfast, a lunch meeting at the office, afternoon tea, as part of a dinner party or an evening get together. It can be anywhere people are happy to host; someone’s living room, a community centre, the break-out room at work, the side room in a café. It’s a chance to watch a short video or talk about the Climate Emergency and how it may affect us personally, to learn more and discuss how we feel about it.

House Meeting Video (4 mins) House Meeting How-To Heading for Extinction and what to do about it by Dr Emily Cox (15 mins) Join our House Meetings Discussion Group on Telegram

5. Stalls

Speaking to people face-to-face is the most effective way to engage them. Stalls are a simple way to raise awareness, build public pressure and recruit people to XR or to your local group. To get the most out of your stall, it is well worth putting some time and thought into planning it.

Street Stalls Video (4 mins) Stalls How-To How to Talk to people about Extinction Rebellion Join our Stalls Telegram Discussion Group on Telegram

6. Flyposting

Putting up beautiful posters in public spaces to: advertise upcoming events; promote our name; getting our imagery out into people’s heads and to highlight our demands. Also, engaging with a mildly illegal action such as flyposting is a great first step in Non-Violent Direct Action… and it’s fun!

Flyposting How-To Download artwork for Extinction Rebellion flyers, stickers, posters etc. Join our Flyposting Discussion Group on Telegram Paint the Streets Telegram Group

7. Marches and Rallies

This involves both small regular marches (e.g. every last Saturday) to attract attention in a town centre or city district through to larger events which get national media and have speakers. The marches will be a chance to have teams speaking one to one to people to sign people up during the event.

Marches and Rallies Video (9 mins) Join the Marches and Rallies Discussion Group on Telegram

Organising, Planning and Training

Mobilisation Plans

A great way to help grow the movement is to create a mobilisation plan for your group, that will:

  • ensure that the group has a sense of direction
  • provide a clear and committed route for growing the group
  • help with collaboration between groups by sharing what works well in each area
  • provide a clear route for new rebels to get involved in Mass Mobilisation
What is a Local Mobilisation Plan? Video (3 mins) Local Group Mobilisation Plan Example How To Run a Mobilisation Plan Workshop

Interested? Contact us on and we can add to our communication channels for support coordinating and submitting your plans.

Talks and Training

This is a great way to get rebels from your Local Group engaged in Mass Mobilisation. Mass Mobilisation Workshops can be booked by contacting or by signing up to a webinar by joining the Mobilisation Station Telegram group to find out when they’re running.

Join the Mobilisation Station Group on Telegram

Staying up to date

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General Resources

The Mass Mobilisation team curate materials from around XR that are useful when deploying many of the above methods.

All Mass Mobilisation Videos Standard Sign Up Sheet Longer Sign Up Sheet How to Talk to people about Extinction Rebellion Responding to Hostile Encounters

Email to order printed posters, flyers, etc.:

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