Getting started

Introduction to the Communities Working Group

Resources for local groups

Every local group starts with one individual. These resources will help you find people in your area, set up meetings, trainings, build your organisation and grow!

How to start a Local Group How to welcome new rebels into your Local Group

XR Community Groups

XR Community Groups are a way for XR members to connect and work together through communities of shared self-identity (for example, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, profession, faith) rather than of shared location. Is your community already engaged with XR and the climate and ecological crisis?

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Growing the Movement!

To win, we need numbers. Big numbers. The idea that we need a Mass Mobilisation of support for Extinction Rebellion’s 3 demands has always been central to our strategy. Want to help grow our numbers and build a community of rebels?

Find out more about Mass Mobilisation

Rebel Ringers

The Extinction Rebellion Rebel Ringers are the Phone Bank wing of XR. We have the mandate to contact, inform and engage as many people about XR as we can over the phone. Rebel Ringing is a regenerative, grass roots, inclusive and effective way to grow the Movement – it is open to everyone and perfect for those with only an hour or two a week to give.

Come and join the XR-UK Rebel Ringers

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