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Rebellion Resources

The cycle of rebellion can be equal parts exciting and intimidating. Find our handbooks here:

Handbook for Life – An Individual’s Guide to Rebellion Preparation We Want to Live – A Guide for Organisers in Preparing your Group for Rebellion The Post-Rebellion Handbook – A Pocket Guide to the Aftermath ***August 2021***

Rebel Toolkit

A platform to showcase the incredible work of local rebels from across the nations and regions. A good idea hatched in Cornwall can be reworked in Teesside and improved again in Dundee… Actions, outreach, community building, talks, trainings, the list goes on! Do you know of something ingenious that moved us closer to achieving our Three Demands?

Let the movement know by contributing to our community resources.

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Rebellion Academy

We set up Rebellion Academy UK to help rebels orientate themselves into and through XR. We offer interactive online trainings and resources to help you to learn more about XR and find your ideal role in the movement.

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XR Community Groups

XR Community Groups are a way for XR members to connect and work together through communities of shared self-identity (for example, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, profession, faith) rather than of shared location. Is your community already engaged with XR and the climate and ecological crisis?

Find out more about XR Community Groups

Rebel Ringers

The Extinction Rebellion Rebel Ringers are the Phone Bank wing of XR. We have the mandate to contact, inform and engage as many people about XR as we can over the phone. Rebel Ringing is a regenerative, grass roots, inclusive and effective way to grow the Movement – it is open to everyone and perfect for those with only an hour or two a week to give.

Come and join the XR-UK Rebel Ringers

Growing the Movement!

To win, we need numbers. Big numbers. The idea that we need a Mass Mobilisation of support for Extinction Rebellion’s 3 demands has always been central to our strategy. Want to help grow our numbers and build a community of rebels?

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