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Art Group

If you’re looking for ready-made artwork there’s a list of downloads below. These range from ready to print flyers and leaflets to large scale banners. There are also print at home posters, screen print patches and make your own banners.

All the artwork is free to use but do not use any of the artwork commercially, however well-meaning (even fundraising).

The Big One – 100 Days Campaign Design Assets

Find logos, flyers, posters and design guides for the campaign leading to The Big One – 21 April 2023.

Browse and get the artwork on the Rebel Toolkit Website

General Artwork

Art Blockers

Printing, painting, woodblocks, flag-making!

Contact XR Art Blockers for support

A6 Leaflets
Rebel agreement
A5 Leaflets
General Non-violent Sorry
A3 Posters
Alarm Dead Planet Rich Black Bright Yellow Dark Blue Light Blue Light Green Pastel Yellow Pink Purple Earths on weighing scales This is change Abstract colours Egg timer World inside a greenhouse Birds on Westminster Deadly transformations Change is now Snake skelton It always seems impossible until it is done Non violent
A2 Placards
Rebel for Life Change or Die
Print at home posters
Window poster A4 Window poster A4 (alt) Declaration A3
General posters
Face A4 Rebel for life A3 Declaration A3 Extinction A3 Face / Rebel for life A3
Main road block banners

Note this artwork is quarter size.

Main banners
Support road block banners

Note this artwork is quarter size.

Climate and Ecological Emergency This is an Emergency Life or Death Empathy / No Food / Chaos
Hand Painted Banners

All downloads are zip files. Each contains a numbered visual showing the full banner with page numbers that correspond to an A4 template. You can use the A4 template as a paint guide. We encourage using waste / off-cut fabric wherever possible.

Rebel for Life Act Now We act in peace Reflect / Rebel / Restore Non-violent Frugality / Humility / Empathy Love

We advise using old wallpaper for stencils. Just lay the printed sheets, in order where appropriate, over the wallpaper and cut through.

Rebel Extinction Symbol Tell the Truth

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