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TruthTeller invites Shell staff to Jump Ship, April 2022

Jump Ship credit William Templeton

On Wednesday 13th April, the TruthTeller team took part in an XR action to infiltrate Shell’s London HQ. While nine people were glued on inside the reception areas and one got as far as the eighth floor, TruthTeller was outside fostering corporate mutiny.

One hundred people held up placards bearing the first names of 100 individual employees working inside and the invitation “Join Us”. A roll call of more than 200 staff names was read out over a loud speaker. 

fireman’s-style jumping sheet invited employees to “Jump Ship” before Shell turned toxic on their CVs.

A flyer handed out to staff as they left at the end of the day offered career coaching sessions for anyone ready to change industries. The flyer read:

Dear Shell employee! 

This is a personal invitation to join Extinction Rebellion – while there’s still time. 

As everyone knows, the fossil fuel industry’s social license is fast expiring. In a few short years, it will make the tobacco industry seem like an ethical choice. 

The world is already wise to Shell’s greenwashing claims

Is using the war in Ukraine to try to resurrect the Cambo oil field the act of a corporation that understands the climate emergency? 

Is spending more on marketing than renewables the mark of a company that genuinely wants to change? 

Are current windfall profits being reinvested to transition to a carbon-free model – or are they being squandered on share buybacks and dividends? 

We invite you to switch to the right side of history, before Shell turns toxic on your CV. We invite you to: 

1. Speak up: Raise these issues with colleagues and management. You can also post Extinction Rebellion material on internal noticeboards and common spaces, starting with this flyer. We know many of you feel discomfort at corporate policy

2. Whistleblow: If you know of plans that go against Shell’s official line, whistleblow. Just as sexual harassment or racial discrimination need calling out, so does climate harm. Visit wwwTruthTeller.Life, and report issues confidentially. 

3. Jump ship: Most of you have highly transferrable skills, often into renewables. Your ship is sinking. Make the leap before it’s too late. Extinction Rebellion is able to fund some career coaching to help. Share in complete confidence. 

Thank you! 
Extinction Rebellion  

Previous actions

LinkedIn campaigns target company employees

In February 2021, our first pioneering campaign of Linkedin online advertising, specifically addressed employees of target companies including Shell, Exxon, HSBC, Barclays, HS2 (High Speed Rail) Ltd and Standard Chartered.

A second LinkedIn ad campaign in March 2021 was directed towards former-employees at oil giants Shell, Exxon and HSBC. Featuring original artwork, they invited former staff to share what they know about current or future projects that will harm the environment or worsen the climate crisis. Ex-employees are ideally placed to Whistleblow for the Planet – they know what’s been going on but are no longer beholden to their former bosses.

We stepped up our LinkedIn campaign in April 2021 with micro-targeted ads to researchers, scientists and technical staff at four fossil fuel giants, starting with Shell. They followed the acquittal of six XR members after a jury concluded the damage they did to Shell’s HQ was a fair response to the far greater damage Shell is doing to the planet. The skilled staff we targeted were those best placed to recognise the gulf between Shell’s PR and the reality of its decarbonisation efforts.

Billboards spread the word across London

We put up billboards in key locations around London to help spread the word.

TruthTeller uses guerilla advertising to reach FT readers

An unauthorised insert in The Financial Times  titled How to Save It, spoofed the paper’s glossy consumer magazine How to Spend It and invited FT readers to whistleblow. 1000 inserts were placed by XR volunteers into copies of the Weekend FT (6th/7th February 2021) on supermarket and newsagent stands.

XR would love a chat: Lockdown calling cards appeal to home workers

We posted 1000s of calling cards through letterboxes in upmarket neighbourhoods inviting senior company employees to Whistleblow for the Planet while they worked from home. Target neighbourhoods included Kensington, Mayfair, Hampstead, Chiswick and other executive-rich areas.

Grabbing attention with boldy-coloured flyposters

We posted a series of attention-grabbing flyposters in bold XR colours across London.

Crowdfunder appeal

Our first crowdfunding appeal raised more than £21,000 to fund future actions. 

Press coverage

The Shell action was widely covered across the media.

The Financial Times and the Times covered our launch.

How to get involved with our TruthTeller project

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