TruthTeller.Life is our whistleblowing platform to help employees at planet-damaging companies anonymously disclose what they know.

We’re making direct approaches to insiders at target companies and asking them to share previously undisclosed information exposing greenwashing or environmental harm. 

As well as triggering leaks –  which we’ll publish safely and anonymously in collaboration with trusted news outlets –  we want to send a warning to any company damaging the planet, or lying about its carbon reduction plans or other green credentials, that it is at imminent risk of public exposure. 

TruthTeller is a new type of direct action, with experimental tactics designed to be safe during the pandemic. We’ll also use targeted street actions once we’re able to do so again.

In addition, we’ll be pressuring companies to adopt and promote policies to provide support and protection to whistleblowers. 

Ultimately we hope that by encouraging people to reveal what they know, it will empower others to do the same, so that whistleblowing becomes seen both as a moral duty and a democratic right.

How to get involved

If you have insider information the public ought to know, contact us in confidence through our secure, anonymous platform www.TruthTeller.Life and we can advise you how to proceed. Do not visit the site on your work device.

To keep up with developments follow @TruthTellerXR on Twitter.

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If you’d like to get involved in future actions, email

Post about TruthTeller and share our content on your own social channels using the hashtags: #TruthTellerXR #Insiders #Whistleblowing #ClimateCrisis

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To offer professional support and advice to whistleblowers or contribute in any other way to the TruthTeller project contact


We launched TruthTeller on Saturday 6 February with a series of Covid-safe actions in London. These included

  • An unauthorised insert in The Financial Times  titled How to Save It, spoofing the paper’s glossy consumer magazine How to Spend It and inviting FT readers to whistleblow. 1000 inserts were placed by XR volunteers into copies of the Weekend FT (6th/7th February) on supermarket and newsagent stands.
  • 1000s of calling cards posted through letterboxes in upmarket neighbourhoods inviting senior company employees to Whistleblow for the Planet while they work from home. Target neighbourhoods have so far included Kensington, Mayfair, Hampstead, Chiswick and other executive-rich areas, with more to follow.

A second wave of actions started across the UK on 20th February. 

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