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citizens' assembly

In a UK first, XR UK is holding a space specifically designed for the Insurance Community to ‘come to the table’ and engage around the critical question:

How can the insurance industry move faster to slow climate breakdown?

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Insurance is the Achilles heel of the global fossil fuel industry, covering operations against financial losses when things go wrong. Without insurance, major oil and gas projects like the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) or the West Cumbria coal mine cannot go ahead. 

The risk of mounting claims for ecocidal projects are increasing, leading insurers to pull out. Rising costs were the main factor in ending the UK’s Cambo and Canada’s Bay du Nord (Equinor) projects. Probitas confirmed it has moved away from Adani and the pressure is building on EACOP and West Cumbria Mine.

We need to insure our future, not fossil fuel based climate collapse.

Our current governance systems are failing to transition us fast enough – we need a Citizen’s Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice now.

Join on Zoom:

The Zoom meeting settings have been configured for all attendee cameras to be off. This protects the anonymity of any attendees – you can also change your name.

You can either register for the event, meaning you will receive a confirmation email with meeting details, plus reminders and follow up emails, or you can just click the zoom link below when you’re ready – or manually enter the meeting ID and passcode.

Meeting ID: 867 0720 2391

Passcode: 932685

Join in Person:

You will be assured a warm welcome at Pelican House;
144 Cambridge Heath Rd,
Bethnal Green,
London E1 5QJ


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