Digital Rebellion

What’s the plan?

We have a two-pronged approach aligned with Local Group and London based actions:

  1. Disrupt the phone lines of Barclays in Week 1 from August 23rd and the Bank of England’s in Week 2 from August 30th on a daily basis. We need at least 100 people per day to call them and talk to agents about the investments which they are making. The more people, the more pressure, the more they’ll hear us. 

  2. Social Media shout-outs – we have created a simple copy and paste message each day which we can all share on our social media pages. Targeted pressure will make our voices louder and clearer.

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All info will be in the emails and in the Telegram chat.

Key Resources


Barclays net zero target and approach On Barclays’ investments to fossil fuel firms (showing how prolific Barclays is compared to other banks) On Barclays’ recent rejection of a shareholder motion to stop funding fossil fuels More on Barclays’ rejection of the shareholder motion Market Forces’ summary of Barclays’ climate record Banking on Climate Chaos report, showing Barclays’ position as ‘the worst bank in Europe’ for fossil fuel funding On Barclays’ £4 million bonus for their CEO

Bank of England

IPCC report summary The Bank of England’s net zero target and approach On the Bank of England’s COVID loans to climate offenders Report in which the Bank of England admits their current lending policies are in-line with a +3.0 degree temperature increase Banking on Climate Chaos report, showing UK banks continuing to invest in fossil fuels

Further Learning Resources

IPCC report summary World Health Organisation: climate change is already causing 150,000 deaths each year On project flooding in Chennai, India On the New York Forest Declaration of the United Nations On mass relocations in 2020 due to climate events

Examples of New Oil Projects Worldwide

ReconAfrica – 120 billion barrels of oil in a UNESCO heritage site between Namibia and Botswana, pristine nature reserve upon which people and wildlife depend. May 11th, 2021 (To give you some perspective, Nigeria’s oil wells have officially produced 40 billion barrels since the 1960s and their Niger Delta has been destroyed, their economy is entirely oil dependent and the majority of Nigerians live in abject poverty when they were self-sufficient and had never borrowed money before oil being discovered in their lands).
Read the article

Oil exploration not ruled out in the North Sea, UK. Reuters May 25th 2021.
Read the article

Ten up and coming oil projects in Europe ‘that you need to know about’.
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The International Energy Agency declares that all oil exploration must stop to achieve a net-zero target of 2050. Analysis and forecast to 2026, full report. March 2021.
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