Digital Rebellion

Why Digital Rebellion?

Digital Rebellion empowers rebels to take action anywhere – from home, at their desks, or from the streets. Join in mass participation campaigns, phone blockades, and digital activism, targetted against the root of the fossil fuel economy. If you cannot make it to London this April, Digital Rebellion empowers you to take part. Together, we are all that we need.

Our world is being held to ransom by the fossil fuel economy, with decisions about the future of our planet being made behind closed doors, in boardrooms and institutions where most have little access to. Luckily, we know how to make them listen. Our connected world offers us an unprecedented opportunity for mass participation and disruption of the fossil fuel economy, at every level. 

As rebels take to the streets this April, putting their bodies in the way of fossil fuel infrastructure – we are going to step up, and refuse to be bystanders. Join us in stopping the fossil fuel economy!

Get involved

Love In Action: Disrupt the phone lines of BEIS, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, from Wednesday 6th April, asking the difficult questions: Why are they subsidising the fossil fuel companies at all? Why are they allowing fossil fuel companies operating in the UK to pay no corporate tax? 

Stand Together: Link up with rebels on the ground.

Free The Truth: use social media tools and online activism to disrupt the greenwash and make sure the voices of the powerless and dispossessed are heard.

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