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Who are Digital Rebellion?

We are a community of ordinary people – of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. We take direct action online to promote campaigns, amplify the movement, and influence the influencers (whether they be politicians, the media, or that bloke in the pub who reckons he knows about wind turbines).

We exclude nobody, and we encourage everybody. We welcome people of all abilities, and all levels of technical expertise.

How does it work?

Ordinary people are rising up across the globe to stop the destruction of our planet. Digital Rebels do the same thing, but online: through social media like Facebook and X (previously Twitter), via email, and through the use of websites to support other types of action like pressuring MPs and water companies.

We send out ACTION posts through the social media channels below, and we ask you to act on them. When you take an action, you add your voice to those online, creating a wave of influence that amplifies the movement and makes the case for climate justice.

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