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The Big One runs from 21st-24th April 2023. It is not like other Extinction Rebellion (XR) actions. This is not XR’s Party. This is everyone’s future. We are not asking everyone to join XR. Instead, we are encouraging everyone to ‘be there’ or ‘come along’, creating a shared opportunity.  And you can be there virtually, if not in person.

The list of supporting organisations is impressive. For some, their demands are about the environment, or the economy, or social justice, as well as the climate emergency.  Therefore – as citizens take to the streets this April and beyond – we are going to support a wide range of actions. We are going to step up, and refuse to be bystanders. Join us!

  • Virtual People’s Picket email campaign: The Big One will have People’s Pickets outside 16 Government Departments and related buildings in central London, on both Friday 21st and Monday 24th April.  Join in! There are links and email templates)
  • “I am Everyone” social media campaign: make your virtual presence felt during The Big One
  • MPs and The Big One: Mail your MP, urging them to support the call for an urgent commitment to transition away from the fossil fuel era towards a modern, sustainable one. There are links and a template
  • Supporting Organisations at The Big One: At its root, the climate and ecological crisis is a crisis of a failing political system. So too are the cost of living crisis, the health crisis, the crisis of racism, exploitation and gross inequality. There is huge potential for common ground to be found with groups fighting for change right now. The majority of us are on the same side, we just need a seat at the table.  It’s time to come together, to upgrade democracy, with over 150 organisations supporting The Big One.
  • Dirty Water Campaign (Wave 2 of 3): Our waterways are the veins of our country, home to an incredible number of species and habitats. But our clean water and biodiversity are being sacrificed by politicians and water companies who see our rivers and seas as nothing more than a commodity to be exploited. It’s time for water companies to be held to account for their crimes against nature! Mail your water company – there are links and a template

Join one (or more!) of our XR Community Groups: As well as Local Groups, Extinction Rebellion has many groups that connect and work together through communities of shared self identity, rather than of shared location. The groups are welcoming and supportive, and are looking for you!

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Why Digital Rebellion?

Digital Rebellion empowers rebels to take action anywhere – from home, at their desks, or from the streets. Join in mass participation campaigns, phone blockades, and digital activism, targeted against the root of the fossil fuel economy, and institutions that put profit before the planet. If you cannot make it to The Big One in London this April – or want to act more broadly on ecological or climate justice concerns – Digital Rebellion empowers you to take part. Together, we are all that we need.

Our world is being held to ransom by the fossil fuel economy, with decisions about the future of our planet being made behind closed doors, in boardrooms and institutions where most have little access to. Luckily, we know how to make them listen. Our connected world offers us an unprecedented opportunity for mass participation and disruption of the fossil fuel economy, at every level.

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