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Deep Water

Deep Water asks one simple question… You walk into your house and find water pouring through the ceiling! What’s the most important thing to do first? Catch the water? Or turn off the taps?

This is our dilemma: Getting a bucket is a short-term measure. It won’t stop the water and the damage will get worse. We need to turn off the taps, in other words first stop the cause of the floods and then deal with the consequences.

We demand that governments tell the truth, act now, and decide together to engage everyone in the fight to deal with the climate emergency. It is easy to feel nothing but despair…  but this is where Deep Water wades in.

Deep Water Aims

  • To Tell the Truth and encourage people to connect extreme weather events, including flooding and droughts, with the Climate and Nature Crisis.
  • To demand that governments, fossil fuel industries, banks and their investors Act Now to end harmful emissions immediately so as to prevent further climate breakdown.
  • To Decide Together by putting the power in the hands of the people. We demand a Citizen’s Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice.
  • Unite communities from river sources to the sea, connecting their experiences of the management of extreme flooding and the degradation of our waterways and seas.
  • To build a movement of movements and raise awareness of the root causes of extreme weather events, and then collectively pressure our government to support the Climate and Ecology Bill, making this a major issue for all candidates at all elections.

Get Involved

If you’re an XR local group and want to dive deeper, check out our talks and resources and contact us for our latest plans.  If you’re in a supporter group, we recommend you watch the Deep Water talks, in particular Part 4, to find out more, and then get in touch using the links below.

Deep Water Talks

Find out about flooding, Deep Water’s aims and how you can get involved by watching our talk videos. Please share these talks.

What it’s Like to be Flooded – Part 1 (11:33 mins) Types of Flooding – Part 2 (16:04 mins) Here’s the Science – Part 3 (10:26 mins) Join Us in Extinction Rebellion – Part 4 (11:48) Tell Us More About Deep Water – Part 5 (9:37 mins) Deep Water Full Length Talk – All Parts (53:14 mins)

If you’d like a speaker to deliver a talk or if you’d like to deliver one yourself, please contact us for the PDF / PowerPoint / Script or to book a speaker.

Movement of Movements is a really important part of the identity of Deep Water, as through water we are all connected.  

Flooding and extreme weather events aren’t going anywhere, and neither are we.

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