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Be More James Brown


James has now been released from prison. His sentence was reduced to 4 months from 12 with his conviction upheld. He was released on bail when his appeal was heard and time had all been served when he got the decision.

Thank you to everyone who supported him!

James’s courage and determination in the face of government negligence has inspired Extinction Rebellion in innumerable ways. Like all of us, he heard the call to action and did what he felt was necessary to bring the climate emergency to the forefront of public conversation. But he was willing to take that extra risk for all of us, and for that we owe him a debt of gratitude.

This was Extinction Rebellion’s first custodial sentence. When anyone thinks about taking nonviolent civil disobedience in defence of life, we encourage them to Be More James Brown and summon his courage. 

Because we need more James Browns. So, Be More James Brown and take action now. 


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