‘And the winner of the award for the national newspaper that did the most to wreck the climate in 2024 is….’ - Extinction Rebellion UK

‘And the winner of the award for the national newspaper that did the most to wreck the climate in 2024 is….’

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Extinction Rebellion UK launches its annual Porky Pie Press Awards for the worst newspaper climate and ecological emergency coverage as billionaire media editors and writers stage a swanky black tie ceremony to tell each other how brilliant they are.  

Watch full coverage of the Extinction Rebellion Porky Pie Press Awards ceremony, presented by Chris Packham, at 6pm tonight.

The first-ever winner of Extinction Rebellion’s new Porky Pie Press Awards for the most Climate-wrecking National Newspaper of 2024 will be revealed tonight (Friday) in an Oscars-style ceremony hosted by BBC wildlife legend Chris Packham.

Billionaire-owned climate crisis denial champions The Daily Mail, the Telegraph, The Sun, The Star and The Express are all in the running for a coveted Golden Porky Pie as XR totes up the results of an online poll that has been running for the past week.

Chris Packham says:

“Frankly, we’re in awe of the efforts that have been made this year by the billionaire owners of our national press and their pet editors to ensure we all face a much more dangerous climate in the very near future.

“They have strained every media sinew to misinform the public about terrifying warnings of floods, famines, war and the imminent collapse of our whole society from the world’s top climate scientists. And they have campaigned tirelessly for the government to do almost bugger-all about it. They must be SO proud.”

Editors, journalists and writers from all three newspapers arrived at their annual Press Awards at the five star London Marriott hotel in Grosvenor Square to find excited XR ‘fans’ and ‘showbiz reporters’ waiting for them. The glitzy event’s guests were clearly excited to find out whether or not they would win this unique award.

After Chris Packham announced the winner as well as second and third place Porky Pies contenders, the XR ‘showbiz reporters’ attempted to present Golden Porky Pie trophies to stunned representatives of the winning newspaper and the two runners up as the ‘fans’ cheered the sterling services of the print media to setting the planet on fire. 

They were joined by XR’s much-loved Dirty Scrubbers, scrubbed up in Oscars-style dresses for the evening and keen to show their love for the journalists doing so much to help them greenwash the climate crisis.

Placards in the crowd will show images of billionaires Rupert Murdoch, owner of the Sun, Viscount Rothermere, owner of the Mail, and Frederick Barclay, owner of the Telegraph, above slogans such as ‘Dons of Disinformation’ and ‘’Porky Pie Propagandist’

One of Extinction Rebellion’s Press Coordinators, Steve Tooze, said:

“We felt it was time to publicly recognise the truly astonishing job that our national newspapers have done this year in lying about, ignoring or playing down the undeniable scientific evidence of an accelerating climate crisis that is threatening billions of lives and our entire way of life.

“To see these editors and journalists trooping into a 5 star hotel in London to pat each other on the back about their brilliance while lying daily to their millions of readers about how urgent and serious a threat they face from the climate emergency was frankly quite sickening.

“They seemed strangely reluctant to accept their glittering Golden Porky Pies from our Showbiz team. But we’re not dismayed and already about next year’s awards. 

“However, we’d be even more excited if our national press started truthfully reporting the terrible and imminent danger that we all face and demanding that the government take urgent action to tackle it. Then we won’t have to present any Golden Porky Pies in 2025.”

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