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Announcing….The XR Porky Pie Awards 2024!

Every day, the UK’s billionaire-owned newspapers bombard millions of us with lies and disinformation about the climate and ecological crisis.

They are so good at it that they have convinced many of our fellow citizens that the emergency either isn’t real, or isn’t serious. So, the government is under far too little pressure to act.

Extinction Rebellion has decided that it’s time to recognise all these ‘journalists’ for their tireless professional dedication to setting our planet and our future on fire.

We are proud to announce that our coveted Golden Porky Pies will be awarded to newspapers and writers in the following categories:

  • The Porky Pie Award for the most climate-wrecking UK Newspaper of 2024
  • The Porky Pie Award for the most untrue climate story of 2024
  • The Porky Pie Award for the top climate-wrecking columnist of 2024

And YOU get to decide our lucky winners!


  1. Fill in the poll: Porky Pies Awards 2024 Poll
  2. Send a link or image of the newspaper news story that you feel told the most misleading lie about the climate crisis in the last 12 months. Include the name of the paper and the date of publication.
  3. Tell us which columnist or commentator in a national newspaper has gone that extra mile in 2023/24 to use lies and disinformation to undermine public understanding of the climate crisis (with an example of their best work if poss). Some contenders are Allison Pearson, Richard Littlejohn, Matt Ridley, Ross Clarke, Allister Heath, Melanie Phillips and James Whale.

Send your entries to:

The poll will close at 6pm, Sunday April 14 and our Golden Porky Pies will be presented next week.

So vote now to ensure your favourite media climate deniers and delayers get their just rewards! 

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