Statement on UK Government mini-budget: The government just declared war on life itself

Yesterday’s budget from this new, unelected government amounts to a declaration of war on life itself. And like many, we’re angry. 

Make no mistake, the decisions announced yesterday are a deliberate power grab. Major tax cuts for the rich while the vast majority of us are given almost no relief from the cost of living scandal. A planned increase to corporation tax thrown out and the UK opened up to fracking, with the HM Treasury announcing plans to tear up fundamental legal protections for our precious wildlife: now nowhere in England is safe from being bulldozed. 

This much is clear: The UK Government does not care about us. Our political system has no intention of saving us. The only option left is for a mass mobilisation of people to resist the ongoing injustice. 

We’re working to bring 100,000 people onto the streets of London on 21 April 2023 to stop the harm. We will stay until the government stops enabling new oil and gas projects and agrees to a citizen-led transition away from the fossil fuel economy. Let’s do this together.

I’ll be there

This morning, the RSPB, Europe’s largest environmental organisation called for a mass mobilisation of its members. Major charities are waking up to the reality of the emergency, and recognising that polite methods of protest like petitions and letter writing won’t work. Change is inevitable, the question is whether we will seize this moment and make it the beginning of the turn towards a fairer, kinder world. 

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