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We’ve got a plan, it’s called Project 3.5

The idea is a simple one: To build a movement that’s too big for the government and the fossil fuel industry to ignore, and to do it one door at a time.

Watch this short video from the Project 3.5 team to hear about how just 3.5% of us working together in 2022 could turn things around on the climate and ecological emergency. 

Since Project 3.5 launched in January over 5000 conversations have taken place across the country, from Teeside to rural West Cornwall, with around 100 XR local groups out knocking on doors already.

XR Exeter mobilised 200 new people to travel down to London with them in April and in London during the Rebellion we had 90 people at a single talk. 

We can do this. We just need to get organised and get to work. 

Want to be part of Project 3.5? You can join your local group, sign your local group up, or register your interest as an individual.

Excited to get trained up in door-knocking and other outreach methods? Join our weekly Volunteer Training sessions

Contact the Project 3.5 team with any questions at xrproject3.5@gmail.com

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