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September 10th – Update from the Rebellion Design Team

Welcome to the first communication from the September planning team!

Extinction Rebellion is four years old and our mission is bigger than ever. But we are well on our way to building a movement powerful enough to change the course of history. 

Our 2nd founding Principle states: 

“we set our mission on what is necessary – mobilising 3.5% of the population to achieve system change”.

We’re committed to building a mass movement of 3.5% of the population – because when huge numbers of people take sustained nonviolent civil disobedience together, they become impossible for the government to ignore. Aiming for this success means a movement-wide pivot of energy towards mass mobilisation, (which we are well on our way to), and a change of tactics to introduce a different model for how we do ‘Rebellion’.

There is a lot that is still not known about what September will look like, and a lot of work to be done to shape it. But here is what we do know:

  • September won’t follow the format of what we’ve seen in the past.
  • If we don’t succeed in (first) growing our numbers, we have very little chance of bringing the government to the negotiating table – so instead of going to London with a demand of those in power, we go with the objective of reclaiming that power, and bringing it back to the people.
  • We must work within a longer term plan than before, not sitting within a cycle of planning 6 months at a time.
  • In September, we define ‘success’ on our own terms; (rather than hoping success will be ‘granted’ to us by our opponents!); we will set ambitious but achievable objectives as stepping stones that will carry us forward.
  • There are multiple social factors that will, at some point, come together as the point at which system change can happen. We must work with other movements to improve the chances of this happening, and be ready to mobilise like we have never mobilised before when it does happen. 
  • In the runup to April 2022 we planted the seed for the pivot of tactics we are now continuing. We took an experimental approach to rebellion, focusing on recruiting, training and engaging thousands of new people into action – rather than on bringing the government to the negotiating table. And during April 2022, we learned what worked (and some things that didn’t).
  • September will be the shoot that grows from what we’ve started, taking a radical new approach!

What might it look like? 

The plan is still being worked on, but the team have a set of strong criteria for the plan to fit within, and we are discussing a wide range of options for what September could look like.

We can guarantee one thing: It is going to look very different from what we’ve done before.
We know that you want answers and details, but we are asking you to trust us, just for a little while longer, to have the time to choose which idea, from such diversity, will be the most effective, and the best way that we can ask you to use your time, your energy, and for some, your freedom. 

What we encourage in the meantime:

If you, your local group or your affinity group are not yet involved in Project 3.5%, then find out more about it and get involved now in your area. A laser focus on mobilisation across the entire movement is needed now.

To stay up to date with September plans, join the Rebellion Broadcast on Telegram for regular updates.

So what will the team be offering?

The September design team are committed to more communication with the movement than we have ever had before in the run up to a Rebellion.

  • We will soon be announcing fortnightly open calls to share updates, answer questions and provide essential information from groups like XR Legal and teams recruiting volunteers. 
  • Follow up communications the day after the open calls sharing the ‘need to know’ information via Rebellion Broadcast.
  • Regular meetings with movement representatives to take feedback and ensure accessibility for all rebels is prioritised. 
  • Fast communication once decisions are made on priority elements of the strategy, to help everyone make plans.

Close your eyes for a moment. Picture the moment we win; the government is agreeing to our demands and we have reclaimed power for the people, magic is in the air and the fire of struggle is in our hearts. 

What does it look like? 
What does it feel like? 
Who is standing beside you? 

Now open your eyes and let’s make it real, together. 

Love & Rage,
The September Design Team & UK Action Circle

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