Statement on the conviction today of six members who took part in the blockade of Murdoch’s printworks in September 2020

We are astonished that Judge Fudge ruled there was no political interference in the police operation despite overwhelming evidence. Priti Patel contacted the police frequently throughout the night and demanded the early removal of protesters.[1] We suspect under pressure from fossil fuels investing climate-delayer Rupert Murdoch. History will decide where the real guilt lies.

As floods devastate Europe, another heat dome is building in the United States, and environmental defenders across the world are being silenced, XR will continue to demand that the press tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency.

The media is a central pillar in helping the public understand the scale of the response needed. Our captive press is failing in its democratic responsibility.

We are considering our options for an appeal.

This was the second trial for the Broxbourne Printworks blockade in September 2020. The full ruling, by District Judge Fudge at St Albans Magistrates’ Court, is available

The defendants were all found guilty of Obstruction of the Highway. Caspar Hughes, Elise Yarde, Hazel Stenson, Amir Jones and Charlotte Kirin were each sentenced to a 12 month conditional discharge and £150 court costs plus £22 victim surcharge. Laura Frandsen received a £150 fine and £150 court costs plus £34 victim surcharge.

Pictured left to right in front row: Charlotte Kirin, Hazel Stenson, Caspar Hughes, Laura Frandsen, Elise Yarde and Amir Jones.

For more information contact Zoe on 07918165046.

Notes to Editors:

[1] Extinction Rebellion protesters should be acquitted after Priti Patel exerted ‘huge political pressure’ on police, court hears | The Independent

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