Oshi Owen, 52, hospitality manager from Preselis, Pembrokeshire - Extinction Rebellion UK

Oshi Owen, 52, hospitality manager from Preselis, Pembrokeshire

Oshi was arrested on 25th April 2019 outside Goldman Sachs on the last day of the 2019 April Rebellion and charged with Obstruction of the Highway. She pleaded guilty on 4th October 2019 at City of London Magistrates’ Court and received a six month conditional discharge and £105 court costs.

“This planet is a precious finite resource and the source of life itself. We cannot delude ourselves that this life can carry on indefinitely if those in institutions of power are ultimately creating their own short-term financial interests and security. We need true leaders if our own species and all the other incredible creatures on this planet are to survive.

We are living in dangerous times. In the short history of mankind we have destroyed so much. This is our last resort. We all have a responsibility to raise awareness, call our governments to account and demand change. Enough is enough!

My protest involved blocking the road outside the Goldman Sachs HQ in London. I glued my breast to the road. The earth really is our “mother” we cannot naturally arrive or survive here without her. As a mother myself I desperately want a safe future for the children I birthed, nursed and nurtured. They are amazing people. They deserve it. We ALL deserve it.

Greedy capitalists are destroying the web of life. Its time to stand up for the truth, not sit back and let ecosystems, ancient cultures with true knowledge of how to live in harmony with nature and war-torn countries be destroyed for ever to satisfy the relentless rise of the super wealthy.”

Oshi’s action was covered by The Metro

Photo credit: Helena Smith

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