Jane Roderic-Evans, 67, retired GP from Brighton - Extinction Rebellion UK

Jane Roderic-Evans, 67, retired GP from Brighton

Jane was arrested on 11th October 2019 while meditating in the road on Bishopsgate during the 2019 October Rebellion. She was charged with Obstruction of the Highway and tried on 14th April 2021 at City of London Magistrates’ Court. She was found guilty and received a nine month conditional discharge and £500 court costs.

“Humanity is facing an existential threat. We know people are already being affected and dying from air pollution, heatwaves and droughts. Air pollution aggravates respiratory diseases but also ischaemic heart disease and strokes.

With emissions continuing to rise and global warming increasing, we’re facing severe suffering, worse than any disease. It’s going to be the greatest health care crisis humanity has ever faced. After having tried so many other things that have failed, like signing petitions, I feel protesting in this way is both my moral duty and the duty of all health care workers.”

Photo credit: Helena Smith

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