Hazel Stenson, 57, project leader from Bury St Edmunds

Hazel, who is a project leader at a tech firm, was arrested on 5th September 2020 while locked on under a truck during the Murdoch printworks blockade at Broxbourne during the 2020 September Rebellon. She was charged with Obstruction of the Highway and pleaded not guilty on 5th October 2020 at St Albans Magistrates’ Court. Her trial is due to begin on the 17th May 2021.

“I am fighting for the future of my daughter and stepson, the dozens of children I have cared for and nurtured through full time care and forest schooling and all of the innocent youth who deserve better from us. This is my duty and my calling. My only regret is that I didn’t realise that sooner.”

Hazel with fellow defendant Charlotte Kirin outside St Albans Magistrates’ Court

Photo credits: Helena Smith

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