Kim Pearce, 33, theatre director from Luton - Extinction Rebellion UK

Kim Pearce, 33, theatre director from Luton

Kim (second from right) was arrested on 21st April 2019 on Waterloo Bridge during the 2019 April Rebellion under Section 14 of the Public Order Act. She pleaded guilty on 9th August at City of London Magistrates’ Court and received a six month conditional discharge and £105 court costs.

“Walking past the rebellion in April made me examine my personal hypocrisy, more closely than I wanted to. I had to see a mass act of civil disobedience before I finally woke up. I went through what felt like an explosion of grief as for once I did not let myself look away. I joined XR on Waterloo Bridge on the Sunday morning. I made a choice.”

Kim’s story was featured in a long form piece on Tortoise Media.

Photo credit: Helena Smith

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