Andy Williams, 62, engineer from Stroud - Extinction Rebellion UK

Andy Williams, 62, engineer from Stroud

Andy, who is now studying for an MSc in renewable energy, was arrested during the 2019 April Rebellion and charged under Section 14 of the Public Order Act. He was tried on 29th October 2019 and acquitted on a technicality. He was arrested again during the 2019 October Rebellion for Obstruction of the Highway but the charge was dropped due to lack of evidence.

“I’m trying to be part of the solution. I’ve been worried about global warming for thirty years and nothing’s been done. I’ve written to people, joined various groups, but nothing’s moved at all. When XR was born, suddenly they were getting it on the agenda. I felt I could take part in some positive action.

I’m pleading not guilty, because I’m absolutely not guilty of anything. I stayed on a bridge when I shouldn’t have. What’s annoyance to Londoners compared to starvation for two billion people in the future?

I’m of a generation where I’ve got my own house, I don’t have to get a job. If I can’t do it, who else can?”

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