Tony Corden, 59, retired psychiatric nurse from Machynlleth, Wales

Tony was arrested on Waterloo Bridge during the April Rebellion in 2019. He pleaded guilty that August to breaching Section 14 of the Public Order Act. The judge at City of London Magistrates’ Court gave him a six month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £105 court costs.

“I’m a psychiatric nurse and I’ve become increasingly aware of the effects the climate crisis is having on mental health – powerlessness, anxiety, depression. I’ve certainly felt them myself. XR makes me feel there’s something we can do about that.

Vast swathes of the populace are “in denial” as to the gravity of the existential threat of climate change. Governments are sleepwalking toward catastrophe. I see XR as a sane response to an insane world.”

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Photo credit: Helena Smith

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