Bell Lovelock, 48, counsellor from Carmarthen - Extinction Rebellion UK

Bell Lovelock, 48, counsellor from Carmarthen

Bell was locked onto the pink boat in Oxford Circus when she was arrested during the April Rebellion in 2019. It was the third time she’d been arrested during an XR action. She pleaded guilty at City of London Magistrates’ Court that August and received a six month conditional discharge and £70 court costs.

She was arrested again during the October 2019 rebellion, supporting XR Youth’s blockade of the YouTube offices, and is sueing the Met for unlawful arrest.

Bell’s Court Statement

“I broke your laws because I respect the older, wiser laws of Earth – the ones that when followed mean that there may be a liveable future for my six children and all the others with whom we share this unique planet that is our home.”

Photo credit: Helena Smith

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