Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 18 – Young People Vs. The UK Government

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On this fifth anniversary of the Paris agreement, three young people are launching a case against the British Government for their failure to safeguard their futures and those of their families in the global south. We talk to one of the plaintiffs, student Jerry Amokwandoh, about what has motivated him to take such a powerful step.

We also talk to lawyer Tim Crosland from Plan B about the legal basis for the case and to Esther Standford-Xosei about why Stop The Maangamizi is supporting the action.

If you want to support their case, they have launched a crowdfund here: crowdjustice.com/case/young-people-vs/

Presenter – Jessica Townsend
Producers – Bill Leuty and Jessica Townsend
Editor – Bill Leuty
Research Brigitta Bence

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