Extinction Rebellion Podcast Episode 15 – Economics for the Planet with Kate Raworth, Author of Doughnut Economics

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This episode Jessica & #MoneyRebellion’s Will talk to Kate Raworth, the most influential alternative economic thinker of the present moment. Her book Doughnut Economics has been hugely influential amongst sustainable development thinkers, progressive businesses, and political activists.

She has also presented it to audiences ranging from the UN General Assembly to the Occupy movement.

To view a diagram of the doughnut see: https://www.kateraworth.com/doughnut/

Kate is now moving from theory to practice with a network of Doughnut Economics Action Labs. The most famous is in Amsterdam, where the city is rethinking how it operates post-COVID-19 and taking a holistic approach to everything including housing, sustainability, the living environment, and the ethics of its supply chains.

Kate Raworth teaches at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute and in the past has worked for Oxfam.

Producers – Jessica Townsend and Bill Leuty

Presenters – Will Farbrother and Jessica Townsend

Editor – Bill Leuty

Social Media Producer –  Michaela

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