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Keep speaking truth to power – here comes week 2

We are at a crucial moment in our rebellion. We’ve sent a shockwave through the right wing media and now Priti Patel, Boris Johnson and the rest of the mainstream media are closing ranks. We’re getting to them. 

They’re now scrabbling around for stories about divisions in our movement. They’re looking for anything to avoid telling the real story – about the climate and ecological emergency and the toxic system we are all part of. Hit pieces are coming and they’re trying to find our weakness. 

But this is not the story. 

It’s more important now than ever that we support one another and remain united. Everyone now needs to have all the important conversations and put forward all the perspectives that the press is ignoring. We need you to post your thoughts on your platforms and amplify the real story.

And what is the real story?

We targeted the billionaire-owned media because they are not responding to the scale and the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis and the main reason for this is that our press is in the hands of the powerful who have vested interests, who are set on dividing us, and are in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry.  A free press is about speaking truth to power, but how can we do this when the press is owned by a powerful few?

The week ahead will be challenging and we need to think carefully about our next move. But damn, we have achieved so much! In less than a week – in circumstances made difficult by aggressive and excessive policing – we have created so much magic – so many actions, so much trust, our protests, road blocks, block printing sites and police station vigils – we have stood together and brought the climate and ecological emergency to Parliament Square.

Actions in the next week need to pivot the news agenda back onto the Climate and Ecological Emergency and the urgent need to transform our system into one that stops the harm and supports all life and our planet. We demand Citizens Assembles and the implementation of the CEE Bill – a renewal of democracy informed by the science and led by all of us. 

And above all else, let’s support one another as we move through this intense moment of the whirlwind together. 

Sending so much love and gratitude to everyone for your commitment and ongoing energy over the last week!

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