XR Unchained: Rebellion Day 3 - Extinction Rebellion UK

XR Unchained: Rebellion Day 3

SEP 3 | Lambeth Bridge, London

Photos: Crispin Hughes

Lambeth Bridge lock-ons. Video of bridge party. And another video

SEP 3 | Monopoly Board, West End, London

  Photo: Crispin Hughes

Monopoly Board Protest – West end. Road block in front of a sports car. “This is Change”

SEP 3 | Truck of Truth, Victoria Street, London

  Photo: Chris Jerrey

Animal Rebellion protestors lock themselves to the pink Truck of Truth outside the Department of Health.

2 SEP | Gatwick

Photo: XR South-East

Lightship Greta continues! On the 2nd she passed Gatwick airport.

02 SEP | Cardiff

Photo: Denise Laura Baker

02 SEP | Manchester

Photo: Kate Jenner

Rebels demonstrate opposite fast fashion BooHoo’s offices.

02 SEP | Tufton Street, London

Photo: Alicia Canter/The Guardian

Writers for XR outside 55 Tufton Street. They include George Monbiot, Josh Appignanesi, Zadie Smith, Toby Litt, Sir Mark Rylance and Jay Griffiths. Read all about it here.

02 SEP | DEFRA, London

Photos: Gareth Morris

Two brave rebels give the Met a logging problem outside the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs.

02 SEP | Chancery Lane, London

Photos: Vicenzo Lullo

XR Lawyers demanding that the Law Society plays its part in responding to the Climate Crisis.

02 SEP | Parliament Square, London

Photos: Chris Jerrey

HS2 activists scale the trees in Parliament Square.

02 SEP | Shepherd’s Bush, London

It’s a sign! The Truth waits to be let into the BBC studios.

02 SEP | Buckingham Palace, London

XR Grandparents and Elders demonstrate who we are fighting for.

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