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XR Unchained: September Rebellion Day 1


30 AUG | Farnborough   

XR South East’s die-in temporarily closed both entrances to Europe’s premier private jet airport. As one rebel put it “we cannot sit back and let a tiny, privileged elite cause so much wanton damage to our environment because of their champagne lifestyles”.

29 AUG | Gatwick  

A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at Gatwick Airport highlights the bonkers craziness of the people in charge and the unconditional bailouts to the aviation industry by the UK government 

29 AUG | Dundee & Glasgow, Scotland 

XR rebels in Glasgow and Dundee rang the Climate Alarm at their city airports urging air travel workers to be retrained in exchange for bailouts

1 SEP | Cardiff  

XR Cardiff marched to Cardiff Bay in support of the CEE Bill, calling on rebels to write to their MPs to secure their support. 

Climbers in Cardiff dropped a banner covering five storeys with the famous words: ‘If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?’ 

1 SEP | St Peter’s Square, Manchester 

XR rebels spreading the message to the good people of Manchester at the start of the Northern Rebellion 

31 August  | XR Faith Bridge Vigil, London

Fazeela Mubarak of XR Muslims gives a beautiful speech at the Opening Ceremony of the XR Faith Bridge Vigil that will be taking place throughout this Rebellion

1 SEP | Buckingham Palace, London    

Former Archbishop Dr Rowan Williams marched with Christian Climate Action from Buckingham Palace to Parliament Square.     

1 SEP | Smithfield Market. Waterloo Bridge, London

XR rebels from Animal Rebellion sign their banner. A transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system is the path to combat the detrimental effects of climate change. 

Animal Rebellion occupied Smithfield Market ahead of dropping a 30 metre banner over Waterloo Bridge for climate, ecological and animal justice

1 SEP | Parliament Square, London

Thousands of people marched, blockaded, occupied and made lots of noise all across London on the first day of the XR September Rebellion 

Photo: Jamie Lowe

Photo: Jamie Lowe

Photo: Marina Illiara

Photos: John

 Photo: Joe T

 Photo: Jamie Lowe

Photo: Crispin Hughes

Photo: Crispin Hughes

Photos: Crispin Hughes

31 AUG | Southend-on-Sea  

Southend-Under-Sea! XR Southend-on-Sea, with support from XR Chelmsford, staged a Tea Party in the Sea to warn of rising sea levels

31 AUG | Birmingham

Photos: Vladimir Morozov

XR Birmingham and XR Midlands held an oily theatrical action outside HSBC demanding  divestment from fossil fuels.

31 AUG | Oxford

Photos: Feng Ho

XR Oxford also declared HSBC a crime scene.  

Photo: Feng Ho

XR Oxford’s heald a beautifully illustrated protest mourning species that have already become extinct and fighting for better treatment of wildlife

 31 AUG | Brockwell Park campsite, London

Photo: Joshua Windsor

29 AUG | Bristol  

Photo: Simon Holliday

Animal Rebellion Bristol performed a dramatic funeral march for animals, people and the planet.

Photos: Simon Holliday

Animal agriculture, overfishing, water pollution, species extinction, and ocean dead zones. These destructive industries need to end!

28 AUG | Bristol  

Photo: Simon Holliday

No more elephants in the room! Nelly says current political and economic systems cannot save us from the climate crisis. 


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